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Category: Rock Band

Special DLC Release on 7/18: Legitimate Front!

From time to time, Harmonix appeals to the Rock Band audience to help us support a worthy cause. This week, we’d like to highlight an amazing organization called Defy Ventures. Read more

DLC Week of 7/13: Iron Butterfly

Surprise, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" is coming to Rock Band 4 this week. Yes, it’s the full version. Read more

An Interview with Ghost!

Ghost has been one of the most-requested bands to be included in Rock Band and we're excited to be releasing their Grammy-winning song "Cirice" this week as DLC for Rock Band 4. In anticipation of the release we were able to spend some time on the phone with A Nameless Ghoul prior to their show with Iron Maiden in Phoenix, AZ. Read more

DLC Week of 7/06: Disturbed and Ghost!

We’re opening July with a pair of heavy hitters, as a Rewind track from Disturbed comes to the Music Store alongside a Ghost song, new to Rock Band 4. Read more

DLC Week of 6/29: Fleetwood Mac and Rush!

The choice is yours with our latest Rock Band 4 releases, as Fleetwood Mac and Rush teach us about controlling our own destinies. Read more

Rock Band 4 Hot Fix Now Available!

Hey everyone! We’ve got a hotfix coming out today to address some issues that arose in the latest update. There are also a few general improvements included, check out the list below. Read more

DLC Week of 6/22: Cyndi Lauper and Paramore!

Rock Band 4 is having tons of fun this week as tracks from Cyndi Lauper and Paramore join the platform. Read more

DLC Week of 6/15: Permaband!

FREE DLC this week in Rock Band 4 as Permaband brings a pair of tracks to the platform. CCP Games is the developer behind the legendary MMO EVE Online, and Permaband is well-known for filling songs to the brim with EVE Online references, over-the-top music videos, and strong instrumentation. Read more

An Interview with Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil

Formed in 2006, Pierce The Veil quietly built up a fanbase with their first two albums, before suddenly bursting into the limelight with their third release, Collide with the Sky. Reaching #12 on the Billboard Top 200 and giving the band their first Gold-certified single in “King For A Day (ft. Kellin Quinn)”, the band headlined Warped Tour 2015 and performed sold-out tours all year. In order to keep up with their success, Pierce The Veil was determined to deliver a follow-up album that exceeded everyone’s expectations. Misadventures did just that, receiving critical acclaim and being the band’s best-performing album so far. We had a chance to ask the band about their evolving sound, Comic Con, and being in Rock Band VR. Read more

DLC Week of 6/08: Dream Theater and Pierce The Veil!

It’s a metal kind of week in Rock Band 4, as songs by Dream Theater and Pierce The Veil come to the Rock Band Music Store. Read more