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Online Quickplay is Out Now for Rock Band Rivals!

Today is a long-awaited day, and we’re super stoked that Online Quickplay is available now for Rock Band Rivals owners! Rock Band Rivals has a series of new and exciting features that will interest all types of Rock Band players – Rockudrama is a hilarious new campaign that tells the story of your band’s rise (and fall, and rise) to fame! Rivals Mode has you competing with Crews online for tier promotions, and offers a way to obtain Crew XP with weekly custom Rivals Challenges. With the addition of Online Quickplay, Rock Band Rivals connects you with your friends from all over. Read more

DLC Week of 1/24: Lady Gaga Pack 03!

This week, we’ve got another hit pack from Rock Band vet and everybody’s favorite Mother Monster, Lady Gaga! The multi-talented Lady Gaga has been a pop-culture force for over a decade with her chart-topping music, awe-inspiring concerts and award-winning acting. Read more

The Ins and Outs of Online Quickplay – Rivals’ First Major Update

Last month, we gave you an overview of what Online Quickplay was bringing to the table in Rock Band Rivals. Online band play, Green Rooms, four song setlists, rockin’ player emotes, and a new filter to show only songs that your group shares. Good stuff, right? Earlier this week, we also revealed that the update will launch with another free song for all Rivals players, which we can’t wait for everyone to start playing online together. Read more

DLC Week of 1/17: Solid ‘70s Pack 01!

It’s a blast from the past, in more ways than one, as a pack of ‘70s hits reaches Rock Band 4, including some hits from previous Rock Band discs! Read more

Rivals Weekly Challenge: Derek's Top Picks!

Hey everyone, It’s time to introduce yet another Weekly Challenge! The gnomes that suggest our topics have delivered yet another hit, and that only comes with a small amount of bias. Read more

January Sales for Rock Band Rivals and DLC

Now that you’re settled back in from the New Year celebrations, warm up those vocal chords with hot chocolate and rock! Pick up those sticks, tune your strings and don’t forget to check the mic levels. This week, we’ve got a bunch of different sales happening for all things Rock Band! Read more

DLC Week of 1/12 = The All-American Rejects, Fun., and OMI

This week, two new tracks and a returning favorite join the Rock Band DLC Music Library! Read more

Happy New Year! Rock Band DLC Announced for January

Happy New Year! We hope you’ve all had a blast rocking with the fam and melting some faces with grandma over the Holidays. We’re back in action with your Rock Band 4 DLC for the start of 2017! We’re also shaking things up a bit and announcing both artists and song titles for this month! Read more

The New Years Eve Rivals Weekly Challenge!

Hey everyone, I'm writing this in the past! By the time you read this, our studio will already be closed, and we'll be enjoying time with our loved ones, and that pain in the butt brother nobody likes. Read more

DLC Week of 12/27: New Years Eve 2016 Pack!

This week, we’ve got an awesome themed pack for New Year’s Eve coming to Rock Band. It’s a perfect setlist to lead up to midnight, so you and your friends can get together and ring in 2017 with three brand-new songs on the Rock Band platform. Read more