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Here comes the next verse.

Oh, what's this? Looks like some cool new video has made its way online. I wonder what it could be about...wait, you mean, it's about Rock Band 4? Am I hearing you correctly? It's about the new hardware that will be available for Rock Band 4 this year? Read more

DLC Week of 5/30 = Twisted Sister and Warrant

We have another two artists bringing tracks to the Rock Band Music Library for the first time next week! Read more

DLC Week of 5/23 = Gin Blossoms

Tempe, Arizona-based Gin Blossoms return to the Rock Band Library with two new tracks! Their first appearance in the game was on the Rock Band 4 disc soundtrack with “Follow You Down.” Two more tracks from this group have now been added to the roster – check out our gameplay tips! Read more

Practice Makes Perfect – Practice Mode comes to Rock Band 4

The June Update to Rock Band 4 is almost upon us, and with it comes a fan favorite feature that is making a triumphant return to the series – Practice Mode! Here’s all you need to know about the ins and outs of Practice Mode in Rock Band 4. Read more

DLC Week of 5/16 = Deep Blue Something and Hozier

We have two artists bringing tracks to the Rock Band Music Library for the first time this week! Read more

DLC Week of 5/9 = Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

New DLC tracks from a veteran artist of the Rock Band DLC library are heading to Rock Band 4 this week, with “Don’t Do Me Like That” and “Learning To Fly” by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers! Read more

Straight from New Orleans: Backstage with Benjamin Booker

It's been a little while since we [chatted with a band][1], but it's high time we got close and personal with another super-talented artist on the *Rock Band 4* soundtrack, rocking out of New Orleans. We recently had the opportunity to talk with Benjamin Booker about what he's been up to, what it's like having his song in *Rock Band 4*, and more. Read more

Rock Band 4 – May Update Patch Notes

Our May Update is here! While you’re all downloading the latest goodies to your consoles, take a look through the latest patch notes that we have available. Read more

May DLC Artists, Double Kick Support, and Battleborn® Characters heading to Rock Band 4

It’s seriously May. Warm weather is imminent (folks in the North East of the US are rejoicing) and we’ve got our next lineup of DLC artists for the month! Don't miss what's in store for Rock Band 4 this May. Read more

A Look Back at PAX East

It feels like only yesterday I was coming back to the office after a long, intense weekend at PAX East. We met so many amazing people, heard so much amazing feedback and love for our games, and overall, had so much fun. We've recapped our announcements already, but let's take a stroll through memory lane thanks to the magic of photography. Read more