DLC Week of 8/24: Garbage and Sugar Ray!

You’ve been asking for more ‘90s music and we’ve been listening! This week we’re featuring music from iconic artists whose careers blossomed during the rise of alt-rock: Garbage and Sugar Ray. Both have songs coming to Rock Band 4 this week, alongside the start of the Rock Band Rivals Season 2 Spotlight Pass. Read more

Rivals Season 2: Electric Boogaloo

Your Crew gave it your all. You played your hearts out, and ended Season 1 as strong as you could. You excitedly told all your loved ones how you made it to [insert your tier here] tier, and your grandma pinched your cheeks and told you how proud she was. You daydreamed of a national parade in your Crew's honor. You enjoyed that dream so much you started looking into how much it would cost to throw that parade, and maybe even contacted a company that made parade floats to get a price quote. But the time for continued gloating is almost over, because Season 2 is around the corner. Read more

DLC Week of 8/17: Arctic Horror and The Black Cheers!

Music discovery doesn’t just happen as a one and done. We’re back again with more local bands, and they’re pretty dang local, with both bands coming from our very own office here at Harmonix! It’s a little heavier than last week, so we’ve got some good variety across these two weeks for everyone. Check it out below. Read more

DLC Week of 8/10: Parks and Spirit Kid!

One of the best parts of music is discovering new stuff. Whether it be your parents’ records, the first CD(or cassette?) you ever bought, the complete 180 you did in high school, or opening acts from concerts, your taste has grown and changed since your first exposure. No point in stopping now, so we’d like to show you a couple bands from our friends that we think are pretty good. Read more

DLC Week of 8/03: Blondfire and The Shelters!

Summer’s a great time for high-energy indie, so we’re delivering songs from Blondfire and The Shelters this week to give your summer the soundtrack it deserves. Read more

DLC Week of 7/27: Rage Against The Machine and The Temper Trap!

Coming over from the Rock Band VR soundtrack, we’ve got two great songs from Rage Against The Machine and The Temper Trap this week. Load them up and open the windows. Read more

DLC Week of 7/20: The Black Keys and Wilson Phillips!

A new week means new tracks come to *Rock Band 4* this week, so add to your library with songs from The Black Keys and Wilson Phillips and nail bluesy guitar lines or belt out some great harmonies. Featured on the *Rock Band VR* soundtrack, “Gold On The Ceiling” is coming to *Rock Band 4* DLC. ... Read more

Special DLC Release on 7/18: Legitimate Front!

From time to time, Harmonix appeals to the Rock Band audience to help us support a worthy cause. This week, we’d like to highlight an amazing organization called Defy Ventures. Read more

DLC Week of 7/13: Iron Butterfly

Surprise, "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" is coming to Rock Band 4 this week. Yes, it’s the full version. Read more

An Interview with Ghost!

Ghost has been one of the most-requested bands to be included in Rock Band and we're excited to be releasing their Grammy-winning song "Cirice" this week as DLC for Rock Band 4. In anticipation of the release we were able to spend some time on the phone with A Nameless Ghoul prior to their show with Iron Maiden in Phoenix, AZ. Read more