The Official Harmonix Podcast Episode 118 - Alex Rigopulos' PAX East Keynote

The keynote speaker for PAX East 2014 was our own CEO, Alex Rigopulos. Instead of hearing the usual crew yammering, we though you might enjoy to hear Alex's talk instead! If you prefer to SEE as well as HEAR, you can check out the video, embedded below! [Click here to listen to this week's episod... Read more

New Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved Songs Revealed At Pax East

Today we're excited to reveal NEW tracks for *Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved*! The list includes songs from pop icon Elton John and legendary classical composer Mozart. Newly announced tracks that will appear in the game are: - Peter Gabriel – “In Your Eyes” - Gorillaz – “Feel Good Inc.” ... Read more

The Harmonix Podcast Episode 117 - There's Your Foof (PAX East Insanity!)

With PAX East a mere week away, the Harmonix Zoo Crew is preeeeeeeetty loopy. Tune in to check out our gradual meltdown as we realize Harmonix folks are hosting two parties, the keynote speech, and making appearances on TEN different panels. Plus, get some essential deets on *Disney Fantasia: Music ... Read more

Crew Throwdown: Flash4wrd

Last summer we ran a series of Crew Throwdown blogs, basically as an excuse to show off some really cool concept art, get all the info about crews in one place, and also to guide our production timeline for our merch store. Then the holidays happened and we had to take a break to focus on those and ... Read more

New Merch in the Harmonix Store

Today we added brand new items to the Harmonix Merch Store on Spreadshirt! If you watch the Harmonix Show - our weekly livestream on Twitch - you know that we just moved to a new set. To celebrate our new set, we made an official Harmonix Show mug! We'll be using these on the show and you can [g... Read more

Harmonix Parties at PAX East 2014

Hey PAX East attendees! The show is going to be awesome this year and to make it an even better week, we’ve got two, that’s right TWO, parties planned. Read below for details and plan your weekend accordingly because you won’t want to miss these! Harmonix PAX East Extravaganza! **Date: Friday, A... Read more

New Songs, Realm and Multiplayer Revealed For Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved

Today we announced new songs, a new realm, and multiplayer details for *Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved*! Two-player multiplayer gameplay for *Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved* is played cooperatively and as part of a friendly competition, allowing players to collaborate and engage with the classic ... Read more

The Harmonix Podcast Episode 116 - The Monkey Paw: Game Design with Ken Strickland

Join us for an exciting discussion about the ins and outs of game design with our very own Ken Strickland! Ken is Lead Designer on *[Chroma][1]*, an alum of *Bioshock Infinite*, a Carnegie Melon grad, and a noted enthusiast of Alex Baldwin’s 1994 film *The Shadow*. We cover everything from Ken’s sec... Read more

Fantasia Boston Post Mortem Recap

On March 12, four Harmonix developers took the stage at The Skellig in Waltham, MA to discuss valuable design lessons learned from early *Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved* prototypes with a group of local developers. The Boston Post Mortem talk was hosted by the Boston Chapter of the International Gam... Read more

Harmonix at PAX East 2014!

PAX East is rapidly approaching, one of our absolute favorite video game conventions every year. And what’s great about this one is that it’s right in our backyard! Though we won’t have a booth on the floor this year due to timing with our games, we’ll still be out in full force walking the floor, h... Read more