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A Look Back at PAX East

It feels like only yesterday I was coming back to the office after a long, intense weekend at PAX East. We met so many amazing people, heard so much amazing feedback and love for our games, and overall, had so much fun. We've recapped our announcements already, but let's take a stroll through memory lane thanks to the magic of photography.

First of all, our booth.

It was huge. Our events manager did an unbelievable amount of work planning the booth, and it shows. From the towering song list to the sprawling stage for Rock Band 4 to our wall of guitars, we're really happy with our temporary weekend home that everyone visited in Boston.

Song wall Song wall More Rock Band 4 Grandma Gamer

The Protomen At one point, some of the Protomen showed up to play "Light Up the Night" (with help from one of our QA dudes).

Guitar wall We got a lot of questions about what the empty spot could be for. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Amplitude Beat Sports Near the Rock Band stage, we were showing Amplitude and Beat Sports.

Around the back of our booth, we were showing one of the world from Harmonix Music VR: The Easel. This lets you paint in a virtual 3D space, and your creation reacts to your music, pulsing and changing colors to the beat.

Bob Ross Bob Ross stopped by to paint some happy little 3D trees.

Hard Rock Cafe On Saturday night, we had our party at the Hard Rock Cafe.

The Warning The Warning, a group of three girls who decided to play real instruments because of Rock Band, started things off!

Princess Problems After that, Princess Problems took the stage. They’re a band of friends of Harmonix, and everyone showed them a ton of love.

Autoblaster Autoblaster followed next, playing songs straight from the Amplitude soundtrack.

Bearstronaut With two more acts to go, synth-pop group Bearstronaut kept the high energy going.

Freezepop The headliner of the night was Freezepop, who put on an amazing show (as always).

Rock Band Past Present and Future On Sunday, we held our panel, Rock Band: Past, Present, & Future.

Free DLC We gave away free DLC to everyone who showed up!

Panel As the room filled up, the panel began. Your panel speakers were Josh Harrison (That’s me!) and Criss Burki from the community team, Matt Derby, Cara Kelly, and Matthew Nordhaus from the Rock Band 4 team, and Dan Chace from the Rock Band VR team.

Chris Rando Chris Rando interrupted the panel to announce that ION (and MIDI PRO-Adapter) support is coming via an adapter from PDP in the fall.

2016 Roadmap We detailed a lot of our roadmap for the year, talking briefly about features coming in May/June and the expansion pack we’ll be releasing in the fall.

The big announcement, of course, was that synchronous online multiplayer is coming to Rock Band 4 by the end of the year.

Planetarium We closed out the weekend at the Museum of Science, playing Rock Band 4 and Amplitude on the planetarium dome, backed by trippy visuals. These pictures really don’t do the experience justice, so don’t miss your chance to join us if/when we do this again!

Space Oddity Singing under the stars Trippy Amplitude under the stars

To anyone who came to see us at any point over the weekend, THANK YOU. We really can’t do this without the love and support from all of our fans, and events like PAX are honestly the highlight of the year for us.

Now that PAX East is behind us…how many days until PAX Prime?