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A Quick Look Into Future Rock Band Updates

Hi folks, 

We wanted to take a minute to talk a little bit about the future and what our development team has been up to. We are working on an update that will release later this fall. We don’t have a date yet – we are taking care to test everything to make sure it’s nice and clean by the time it gets to you, though you can expect to hear more about it in a few weeks. However, we have heard from many of you that there are some bugs that are driving you batty and so I wanted to let you know that A) we hear you! and B) we’re doing something about it. This next update will include a bunch of bug fixes that address some of the most common complaints that we’ve seen over the last few months, including:

  • We’ll have fixes for assorted vocals issues including the issue where OD phrases don’t credit if they lead into a tambourine section and also issues around the last phrase of a song not scoring
  • We’ve made a bunch of stability fixes, addressing some memory leaks that were causing crashes in Rockudrama and across the game
  • We’ll be fixing the Lefty Flip issue for Pro Drummers that has been there FOREVER
  • We’ll be fixing an issue where free Rivals-exclusive DLC can’t be downloaded from the Music Store on Xbox, so you won’t have to go to a different menu (though you still can, as it’s a very practical location)
  • We’ve cleaned up a bunch of text formatting issues across the game

This isn’t the complete list, but it does represent the most important stuff that we’re aware of. If you know of things that are not on this list, this is an excellent time to log a ticket via our customer support portal and make sure that we hear from you.

Also, while the fixes above need to be rolled out via a game update, we have been providing semi-regular support via server updates based on needs and feedback. The following changes are all live and working already:

  • Simplified the Social Bonus for Rivals Challenges
  • Fixed an issue where Rivals icons weren’t appearing for all players
  • Fixed an issue where LP wasn’t calculating correctly for all players
  • Reverted the Spotlight percentages back to raw score difference instead of percentile
  • Improved the way that ties are handled on Rivals leaderboards


As other issues come to light, we’ll continue to roll them out as fast as we can.

Thanks for playing,