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Amplitude goes to Vegas for PlayStation Experience

The Harmonix publishing team is in full recovery mode after an amazing weekend at the PlayStation Experience.

PlayStation Experience took place on December 6 and 7 in Vegas at the Sands Expo. This event was Sony's first ever fan-focused expo. Fans from all around the world flew in to see the latest and greatest offerings from PlayStation. Harmonix was invited to occupy two kiosks in the expo's indie space. How could we say no to that? What better place to play Amplitude with amazing fans!

Our kiosks were broken up into one single player station and one multiplayer station. The kiosks were packed with fans all weekend long! We even had a few fans who attended PlayStation Experience just to get their hands on our pre-alpha build of Amplitude. What an honor!

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Harmonix co-founder Alex Rigopulos was in attendance and went head-to-head with long-time Amplitude fans. The competition was tough. Some folks came by the booth and were nailing expert tracks with ease. It's as if they never lost their groove from the original game. Everyone expressed excitement over the new Amplitude feeling exactly like the original. Same Amplitude gameplay and new visuals. The game is really coming together even in this early stage and fans were psyched to get some time with it.

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On Sunday, Sony invited us to join them on their PlayStation livestream. New and upcoming PlayStation titles were featured on their livestream for fans who couldn't attend. There were developer interviews, live gameplay demos, and more. Alex was joined on stage by three super fans to engage in expert multiplayer. The match was incredible. It was just as exciting for us as it was for them to watch our fans have a blast with the game on stage.

The PlayStation Experience was incredible to say the least. It was great to catch up with fans and friends. We look forward to our next event.

Big thanks to our super fans and backers who stopped by to hang out and play Amplitude with us. Your support means the world to us. Thanks to you we've been able to make this game a reality. We hope to see you all again at PAX East!