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An Update on Rock Band DLC 6/04 and Rivals Season 17

Hey gang,

We stand in solidarity with our family, friends, employees, creators, and players in the Black community. Now more than ever it is important to be aware of our responsibility to educate ourselves and amplify voices from people of color. We hope you will join us in taking some time to read up on the issues facing marginalized communities and the ways you can get involved. Here’s a good starting place.

We know that this is a difficult time and there are a lot of folks that lean on games like Rock Band to unwind and for healthy distraction. We’ll continue to release new DLC and a new Rivals challenge is going live this week as scheduled.  

Here is what we have coming up:

We shaped the 17th season of Rock Band Rivals to reflect the experience we’ve had sheltering in place over the last few months. Week 1 will kick off on June 4, reminding everyone to “Play Together, Apart”. Week 2’s theme will follow with a playlist encouraging you to “Stay in Touch.” The rest of the challenge themes will be announced in due course – follow us on our social channels to stay informed.

Our DLC for this week is:

  • Breaking Benjamin ft. Scooter Ward of Cold – “Far Away”
  • Twenty One Pilots – “Level of Concern”

Over the years, we have been inspired by so much of the creativity, dedication and compassion in the Rock Band community. Thank you for sticking with us as we all work to be better humans. We appreciate you. Please take care of yourselves.

- Daniel