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Battleborn Characters Headed to Rock Band 4

Hey gang,

In case you missed the Gearbox panel at PAX East, we’ve got exciting news: to celebrate the launch of Battleborn®, we’ve added two of the game’s heroes as playable band mates in Rock Band 4!

Both Thorn and Miko from the Eldrid faction will be coming to Rock Band 4, and they’re ready to play your favorite tunes. The Eldrid faction is a collection of heroes who believe that the universe should be left alone to run its course – but, they’ll always find some time to rock out on stage. Thorn is a ranger in Battleborn, roaming the jungles of Ekkunar. She’ll snipe anyone out of hiding, and her pinpoint accuracy makes her a great drummer. Miko the mushroom is a top-notch healer, and plays a killer bass. You can find it roaming around the Solus system, restoring order to all who have fallen.

Thorn, the archer from Battleborn

Miko, the healer from Battleborn

We’ll have more information about these awesome additions to the Rock Band 4 character line-up at our own panel, happening at 3:30pm ET on Sunday, April 24th at PAX East. Come by for news, details, reflections, and big announcements about Rock Band 4. We’ll see you there!

Thorn and Miko in Rock Band 4 Rock out with the Eldrid in Rock Band 4!