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Before I Forget... We Went to Gamescom

Last week your globe trotting friends on the Community Team packed our bags and headed off to the land of bier and schnitzel. Our destination? Cologne for the 2010 Gamescom conference.  For those of you not familiar with Gamescom, it’s one of the largest games fairs and promotional events in the world. Hundreds of thousands of gamers (representing over 30 countries!) show up to get their hands on the most hyped games of the year. Obviously we were there, piling as many Rock Band stars as we could onto our stage at a time.

It was a wild and crazy week filled with demos galore and hundreds of play-throughs of Slipknot and Rammstein (not that we’re complaining). We got to meet a ton of great folks from the forums, introduce people to Pro mode, play keys, and turn “I Love Rock And Roll” into our personal Gamescom anthem. Did we mention that (in)famous forums moderator Der Lex was with us too? Somehow in between all the craziness we also managed to capture some of the trip on film. For more information about our wild adventures click on the video below!

For more information about our German adventures be sure to tune into Episode 24 of the podcast. 

GamesCom 2010 from Harmonix on Vimeo.