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Celebrate National Dance Day with Dance Central!

This Saturday, July 30th, is the second annual National Dance Day! National Dance Day is a grassroots initiative that encourages the nation, young and old, to move! Individuals, families, organizations and communities from across the nation come together through their creative expression in dance. Any style of dance is welcome and imagination is recommended in order to get the most out of this celebratory day. We're celebrating National Dance Day by playing Dance Central as much as we can. Join us!

We’re looking for you to show us your favorite routines from Dance Central this National Dance Day. Get up, move your body and get some exercise with your friends — and then post a video! We want to see people dancing their way through the game and getting as many friends involved as they can. So this Saturday, July 30th, get your camcorders, flip cams, cell phones, and laptops out and show us what your posse’s got!

Film your routine in front of the TV, dancing with your family, or take your DC moves out into the wild and show us how you make a DC routine the biggest sensation at the club, mall or beyond!

Post your video and tweet it to @Dance_Central on Twitter or post it on Dance Central's Facebook page. We’ll share our favorites with all our fans!

See you on the dance floor!