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Celebrating 4 Years with a New Rock Band 4 Update!

Hey everyone!

We’re celebrating our birthday with a new update to Rock Band 4! Happy birthday, us.

Thanks to everyone reading this, Rock Band 4 is still going strong over four years in! With over 200 weeks of DLC releases, we’re absolutely blowing every other Rock Band DLC stretch out of the water. And along with that came dozens of updates to Rock Band 4, including this one. We absolutely couldn’t have done this without our players, and we’re grateful to all of you.

With that in mind, let’s get into what this update includes and changes.

  • Prevented certain kinds of crashes during online gameplay
    • We’ve improved behavior for everyone overall, but do note that sufficiently poor connections can still experience issues. When this occurs, the player will return to the main menu rather than crashing the game
    • The crash caused by playing several consecutive hours online on a base-model console should no longer occur
  • Prevented crashing when inspecting stats of select Crews
  • [PS4 only] Prevented crashing when navigating the Music Store with a legacy controller
  • Vocal Overdrive no longer has an audio cue when ending
  • Band multiplier has adjusted horizontal alignment

The game has an all-around boost in performance, from better behavior noted above to a snappier response time in menus throughout. Rock Band 4 handles a lot of content at once, and we’ve made some changes to help it best handle growing song lists. This performance bump can be seen on all models of consoles, so whether you’re on the standard variants or a Pro/X, you should have a better time.

We made small changes to in-game indicators as well. Vocals were the only instrument that played a sound upon Overdrive expiring, and it sounded just like the ‘miss’ audio cue, which could cause panic and confusion. Now Overdrive ends with exclusively visual cues to align with the other instruments. We've also adjusted the band multiplier so it sits a bit better in its ring.

Last, but certainly not least, comes tons of character creator additions. We took in feedback from a prior survey when making this set, and we think you’ll like what you see.

To celebrate 4 years of RB4, we’re adding a ton of trippy clothes. We’ve got four different 4-year shirts (get it? Do you get it?) to choose from. They even move! You don’t get that kind of quality out of real-life cotton. You’ll also see a stylized Track Skin to really put your game in the birthday mood. The Track Skin is available now, but we'll be adding the shirts tomorrow.

We’re also adding the long-awaited clear glasses. No longer will you need prescription sunglasses, you can now wear standard glasses in seven different styles. That’s new frames for every day of the week.

Finally, you can also find new animated shirts in the Rock Shop. These aren’t tied to our birthday celebrations, so they’re good for any day of the year! To round it out, we’re also adding a few new material-based Track Skins for everyone. Check out wood, metal, and chainmail texturing in your Rock Shop.

We won’t show them off quite yet, but we’ve also added a new wave of Rivals rewards into the game. Again built with survey results in mind, you can look forward to these appearing as rewards throughout the next year. Be sure to keep an eye out for them!

And that covers it from us! We’re grateful to all of you, new and old, for helping us bring Rock Band 4 this far and hope to see you in the future. Be sure to pick up the free DLC tomorrow as a gift from us, and do your best in Season 13 for those cool new instruments. See you next time!