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Dadasaurus Rex & The Family Band: A Fan Story

After the last week of new weekly Rock Band DLC, we asked fans to send us their stories about Rock Band to share with the community. This story is from forum member Dadasaurus Rex about his family playing Rock Band together.

Some families go to the movies on weekend nights. Some families go bowling, some go out to dinner, some might even go miniature golfing.

Well, ever since a little thing called Rock Band hit the shelves, the Rex family has spent most of their weekend nights in what we call the “Nest”. By day it’s the living room. By night there are flashing lights, scarved-up mic stands, and a host of plastic instruments. It’s a place where your stage anxiety can take a back seat. Where belting it out is encouraged at all costs, even when semi-permanent hearing damage is likely for all in attendance.

Our journey with Rock Band began on the night before our wedding anniversary, as we had just bought it that morning. The day was busy and we were going out to celebrate that night, so I sat the box in the living room and figured I set it up the next day knowing we were going to dinner then dancing.

Fast forward to about 9 pm – dinner is over and we are on the way to go dancing. I am way too full and thinking “Oh please spare me from this.” As if an angel from heaven descended into our car my wife then said “You know Hun, I am way too full to go do cocktails and dancing. Do you wanna go home and play that Rock Band game instead?” My thought bubble “Sweet Mother of Mercy!” What I actually said “Really, you sure? I’m alright if you want to go dancing.” A quick stop for beverages, a bit of setup, and we were off. We played until almost sunrise. I can still remember getting killed by "(Don’t Fear) The Reaper" and thinking I would never, ever be able to beat it. After a few hours of sleep we got back up to keep on rocking out and remembered that the kids were at Grandpa’s house. Even though we could have left them there all day (and would have otherwise), we decided that we needed to round out our band. Certainly every spare moment that weekend was consumed.

The fever hit us all. Soon my son and I were vying for high scores, my wife and daughter were battling for vocal supremacy, and we all started practicing on our own, hoping to bring that flawless performance to the next show. It was pure magic; Rock Band was giving us something no other game or activity did. This is not to say we didn’t run into some in-band bickering over songs, or who was playing what. In fact a few times you’d have sworn Roger and Pete were brawling on our stage. Those things worked themselves out; no one went solo or joined another band.

Fun, having fun with music, with my family, with songs we already loved, and some we didn’t even know we loved. It was so easy to fall into. We were already that weird family in the car next to you that might be singing something from Dio, or The Carpenters. Now, with Rock Band there was a place to drum other than the steering wheel, my knee, or God forbid the back of the headrest from my kids in the back seat. The flailing air guitar was no longer, the urge to improvise familiar songs into parody was gone. WE WERE ROCKING NOW!

Five years later – every weekend night that isn’t occupied is still Family Rock Band Night. Mrs. Rex has stepped up to playing bass and vox together, Rex Jr. is all over the keys, and Rexette still has the voice of a siren. Me, I’m just happy to be playing music with my fam.