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Dance Central 3 Now Available On Xbox 360 Games On Demand

Harmonix is excited to announce that Dance Central 3, the highest-rated game available for the Kinect for Xbox 360, is now available on Xbox 360 Games on Demand!

Additionally, bringing the hottest dance party into your living room is now more affordable than ever: Dance Central 3 is now $39.99 and 2012’s award-winning Dance Central 2 is now only $19.99!

In Dance Central 3, players get sent back in time to dance their way through the ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s and beyond – learning popular dance crazes like “The Hustle,” “Electric Slide” and “The Dougie,” alongside the hottest moves from today. The beat keeps rocking with an innovative new party mode for up to eight players, the ability to import your songs from previous Dance Central titles, and more! The best full-body dance experience on Kinect for Xbox 360 is better in every way with Dance Central 3!