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Dance Central Fashion Interview With Console to Closet's Amanda McGinnis

Amanda McGinnis is a gamer with a love for fashion. She combined both of these passions to create Console to Closet – a website featuring super stylish outfits inspired by iconic video game characters. As a fan of Dance Central 3, Amanda recently featured the game on Console to Closet and assembled a club-ready look that fits right in with the game’s aesthetic.

What inspired Console to Closet?

I wanted to express my personal style and show off my love of gaming, so I began working on outfits from my favorite games for myself. After a few days of putting together these outfits, I decided to throw them up on a blog and see if anyone else enjoyed them. I was so surprised to see how many other gamers out there are also passionate about fashion and through Console to Closet, I've met so many incredible people.

What steps did you take to put the Dance Central pieces together?

I started by looking at concept art of the characters to get a feeling for their style, colors, and pieces. I chose a few things to focus on:

a) The tough, fierce style b) The purple color palette

Keeping these two things in mind, I began thinking of current trends that are hot right now. I decided upon ankle length trousers and began to piece together the outfit.

I thought about doing something a little more casual so it could be easier to dance in. I also had a tough decision when looking through the different crews - they're all so fashionable!

Who do you think is the most fashionable Dance Central character?

I love playing as Miss Aubrey. She's got this over the top style, which I absolutely love! I can't get enough of her crew outfit.

Do you play any other Harmonix games?

I used to play so much Rock Band when I was younger, I could practically play with my eyes closed. I love getting people together and having Rock Band or Dance Central night. We've started having these theme nights at home and encouraging all of our friends to dress up like they belong in the game. Last Dance Central party we had, I wore a unicorn shirt and neon leggings.


For all of the latest video game-inspired fashions from Amanda, be sure to visit Console to Closet!