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Dance Central Fitness Club

Dance Central takes full advantage of Kinect’s full body tracking capabilities, which not only makes it the most authentic dance experience on Xbox 360, but also makes it a great cardio workout! Since its launch last November, players have burned hundreds of calories through Dance Central’s calorie counting feature for impressive weight loss results. Fans have even shared incredible weight loss stories about how Dance Central has helped them reach their fitness goals!

Once Dance Central 2 launches in October you’ll be able to continue burning calories and melting off the pounds with improved calorie tracking and the ability to create playlists for custom heart pumping routines!

We have a number of Dance Central fitness stories planned for the weeks leading up to Dance Central 2’s launch, including success stories both within Harmonix and the DC community. Share your Dance Central fitness success stories with us, and you could be featured on an upcoming fitness blog post on!

Tweet us (@Dance_Central), give us a shout on Facebook ( or message us on the forums with your stories on how Dance Central has helped you get in shape! In the coming weeks we’ll also have pro tips from Dance Central choreographers on how to stay in dancing shape, interviews with fitness experts on how best use Dance Central for maximum results, and more so stay tuned!