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Dance Central PAX East 2013 Recap!

We had the opportunity to once again spend three days bustin’ a move with Dance Central fans at PAX East! This convention is always one of our favorites because the focus really is just on having a great time with the fans.


This year our Dance Central stage was inside the Microsoft booth! Our friends at Microsoft sponsored an awesome booth-wide scavenger hunt for fans. We were already giving away some secret Boomy pins of our own, but Microsoft gave us pretty cute pins with a papercraft Emilia on them to hand out to fans! If you collected the papercraft character pins from each game within the Microsoft booth, you got a super cool papercraft poster!


We also had some other excellent swag for anyone who came by the booth! You could grab a Dance Central sweatband just for swinging by, or you could get up on stage and dance and get a gym bag and water bottle. And dance people did!


Hundreds of gamers braved the spotlight to strut their stuff on stage in front of dozens of strangers. That takes guts! Some players were entirely new to Dance Central while others of you had clearly been practicing. We play our own game a lot and were still blown away by the performances everyone gave!

Crazy Awesome DC Cos-Players!

Of course, we always have a special place in our heart for the few, the proud, the Dance Central cos-players. The time and dedication these guys and gals put into recreating even the tiniest detail of their outfits is just incredible. Some even had different outfits for different days! (Looking at you, Taye!) Cos-playing is a pretty interesting hobby on its own, but there’s something magical about seeing our own characters brought to life and dancing with their animated counterparts on the screen. Thank you to all the cos-players for your dedication and attention to detail, and for making this INCREDIBLE Boomy:

Community Managers Jessa & Annette with Boomy!

Dance Central cos-players weren’t the only ones to swing by the booth, though. If you’ve ever wanted to see your favorite video game characters play Dance Central, it probably happened last week! Here are a couple of our favorites:


It's Princess Daisy!

Go Go Power Rangers!

Mass Effect Does Dance Central

A fun thing we do every show is guess beforehand what we think the most played song will be. One we had no trouble guessing: “Gangnam Style” by Psy. It’s simply a great, fun song to play with ridiculous choreography and it really gets the audience going, too. But to our surprise, “Milkshake” by Kelis gave it a run for its money! It’s a song with great choreography, but the icing on the cake is that it was almost always groups of guys choosing it! Apparently you PAX boys have just been waiting for the perfect moment to shimmy and work those hips!

Not Milkshake, but still pretty good!

Finally, after dancing from dawn til dusk for three days in a row, it was time to rush the dance floor for one last dance. Piling as many people on the stage as we possibly could, we made the call on the last dance for PAX East 2013. What else: “Gangnam Style”!

Group Dance Gangnam Style!

See you next year, PAX East!