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Dance Central Summer Fitness Challenge

Hey dancers! Summer's here and the time is right for upping that activity level and getting fit with Dance Central! School's out, the days are longer, and the time will never be better for carving out time to focus on your health.

We know that a summer Fitness Challenge brings with it different obstacles than a winter program. Instead of struggling out of your warm bed in the mornings, you may be trying to squeeze in work-out sessions between backyard cookouts, weekends away, and at least a couple ice cream outings (a week . . .) While in the winter, finding the kick in the rear you need to get motivated can be difficult, summertime often means struggling to slow down and focus on fitness!

Whether your goal is to work off those last few pounds, stay active so you don’t have to worry about that ice cream sundae, or continue on a longer road to good health, we want to help! For the next two months, we’re going to focus on fitness with regular updates of related content like playlist challenges, inspirational blogs, work out gear and more!

Make some time each week to get your booty moving, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook for encouragement and the latest Fitness updates. And don’t forget to check back here in the blog each week to see what’s new.

Happy summer! Now let’s get moving!