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December Update Patch Notes, Rockudrama Tracks, and Metal Rock Shop Pack!

Hey rockers!

The Rock Band 4Ever team is getting everything ready for the Holidays, checking our lists twice and all that. We’ve got plenty of fun goodies for you, too, just in time for the New Year! This update is certainly filled with content, bug fixes, and even some Rivals-exclusive DLC tracks for all of you on the Nice list this year.

Introducing Twelve New Rockudrama Songs

In addition to all the fixes coming in this update, Rivals owners are getting a special treat with this update! Twelve eclectic, notable tracks are joining your Music Library for free from twelve bands local to the New England area, and who are a part of the Rockudrama cutscenes! Now when you see these bands in Rockudrama, you can play their songs in the game! Here’s a list of the twelve tracks that are coming to Rivals players:

  • Bearstronaut - “Shadow”
  • Goddamn Draculas – “Bethany”
  • Nemes - “Black Streak”
  • Parlour Bells - “Never Let ‘Em Hold Ya Back”
  • Party Bois – “True Confessional”
  • Petty Morals – “Mean Girls”
  • The Red Chord – “Hour of Rats”
  • Ruby Rose Fox – “Pain Killer”
  • The Warning Shots – “Closer, Closer”
  • When Particles Collide – “Constant Disaster”
  • Worshipper – “Black Corridor”

Also coming with this update to Rivals owners:

  • Newfane – “I Recognize”

Video: New Rockudrama Songs for Rock Band Rivals

New Rock Shop Items – The Metal Pack

We also wanted to bring some studs, black leather, and flashy new Rock Shop items to Rivals owners as well. The new Metal Pack introduces some heavy gear for your characters, including the Reap What You Sow, Mask of Scorn, and The Literal Axe. Shred in style with these new Rock Shop items!

Darkest Raiment
The "Darkest Raiment"

In-Game Darkest Raiment

The Literal Axe
The Literal Axe. Literally.

AbleGamers Tees Up with Rock Band 4

The AbleGamers Charity is an incredible resource for gamers of all abilities, dedicated to support any and all gamers of the world. In this update, we’ve got two new free AbleGamers tees that your character can wear in support of their cause! You’ll be stylish and supportive when you rock with this new flair.

AbleGamers Tees

December Update Patch Notes

Last but not least, let’s talk about bug fixes! Here’s what we’ve improved in Rock Band 4 and Rock Band Rivals:

Rock Band 4 Bug Fixes:

  • Xbox Stuttering Improvements: We’ve identified one of the biggest culprits for stuttering on Xbox One, and have now fixed this issue! We’re currently investigating other causes for stuttering on both platforms, and should have more news to provide in 2017. Any information, captured videos, or comments you have on these issues can be sent to so our dev team can dive into performance concerns!
  • Crash fixed when restarting a song during a held sustain by guitar or bass
  • Crash fixed when a vocalist unplugs their microphone while in the Instrument Options Menu
  • Minor camera fixes for character hairstyles and Tambourine animations
  • Minor grammatical fixes for Rock Shop items
  • Updated credits! New faces mean new names on the list!

Rivals Bug Fixes:

  • New Rivals Mode Feature - "View Weekly Challenge Results" now visible in the Help Bar
  • Crash fixed when trying to view a Crew profile via the Activity Feed without a network connection
  • "All I Do is Pin" Achievement / Trophy will trigger for all eligible users
  • Rockudrama voting songs will no longer select songs with no instrument part for those playing
  • Rockudrama - Playing a Brutal Mode Challenge will now count your Brutal Mode scores as intended
  • Multiple Rockudrama crashes fixed based on completion of select shows
  • Fixed taunting issues within Rockudrama song results
  • Fixed minor grammatical errors in Rockudrama closing scenes
  • Rivals Spotlight Crew XP info now shows all friends' Crews
  • Rivals Weekly Challenge results now appear when loading into the Rivals Hub after a Challenge has ended
  • Rivals skill now shows correct values for all instruments
  • Rivals - Harmonies no longer recording scores/stars for Spotlight songs
  • Fixed an issue where badges weren’t properly being awarded to the right people, or in some cases, weren’t awarded at all
  • Fixed issue where playing songs close to a Challenge end can cause Crews not to advance in tiers when expected
  • Rivals XP tier multiplier is now functioning as intended
  • Fixed a bug that would cause your individual level to restart counting from level 0
  • Rivals PS4 – New venues will now appear in other modes as intended
  • Brutal Mode XP now awarding the correct amount of points
  • Rivals Hub – “View Crew Profile” button on Leaderboard screens is now functioning as intended
  • Fix for unintended drum navigation issues with blue pad
  • Fixed a double confirmation bug when trying to view Leaderboards
  • Minor fixes to the Rivals XP meter

Still haven’t picked up Rock Band Rivals? All of the above, plus new ways of playing can be yours for just $30! Pick up the expansion today on Xbox One and PlayStation®4. Instrument bundles are also available at Amazon and GameStop. Happy Holidays!