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December's Dancer's Spotlight: Meet Pao

Each month we’ll be highlighting a new Dance Central fan in the Dancer’s Spotlight! These pieces will give us a chance to recognize some of our most dedicated and inspiring Dance Central community members, and give you a chance to meet your fellow dancers! We’ll talk with cosplayers, Fitness Challenge participants, artists, and more, so check back each month to see whose turn it is in the Spotlight.


Editor's Note: This month's dancer is Paulino Boado, one of our great Dance Central fans hailing all the way from the Philippines!

I am known for playing other arcade based dance games. I also managed to create a community for our Filipino players where we manage events and competitions.

Paulino cosplaying as Bodie


One of my friends in Olongapo, a province in the island of Luzon, introduced me to Dance Central. I was immediately hooked since I got a passion for dancing dating back from my elementary days up until now. Ever since that day, I decided to do Dance Central full time, studying the routines and hanging out with friends on our local play store.

Then at some point, I decided to make a video of myself dancing and posted it on my Facebook account which is Pao Boado, and suddenly, I got good comments and reactions from my friends who happen to play Dance Central too.

Pinoy Dance Central All Star auditions


With the hype I stimulated from my video, I decided to take the next big step and create a local community named Pinoy Dance Central, this time to cater the Filipino players of the game. With our events, and our Facebook group page, we were able to break the boundaries of distance and create a communication link between players from all around the country, sharing videos, achievements, insights, and the like. We also managed to create ties, relationships, and memories that weren't present a year ago. More players become hooked into dancing, and people started to make their own videos. Other players from other gaming communities even joined our hype.


I was motivated by the fact that playing video games would be more fun if you meet people, gaining new friends in the process. Most of the malls here in the country have an Xbox setup and with every area there is a specific sub-group that is formed because of the regular players. My goal is for everyone to be on good terms and to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings.

I do this because of the love I have for dancing. I also believe that someone should step up in order to organize events which everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

Pinoy Dance Central Admins


Our events are planned a month ahead of our date. We choose a location which has a huge following and then we make plans for the event. We coordinate with the establishments, produce advertisements and other important things. We have our Facebook group, and from there, we make announcements and create our advertisements.

During our events, we either organize a free play for everyone, or do friendly competitions in which players can get to showcase their flawless moves and become champions. The prizes usually are sponsored by the establishments we tie-up with. Usually, our events generate 50 to 100 attendees and since we're going national, our events continue to grow.

Pinoy Dance Central Anniversary Championship


  • "Weapon of Choice" -Fatboy Slim (DLC)

  • "We Run This" -Missy Elliot (DLC)

  • "D.A.N.C.E." -Justice (DLC)

  • "Temperature" -Sean Paul (DLC)

  • "Dip It Low" -Christina Milian (DC)

  • "Push It" -Salt-N-Pepa (DC)

  • "Flava in Ya Ear (Remix)" -Craig Mack

  • "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It" -Dem Franchize Boyz ft. Peanut and Charlay

  • "Turnin Me On" -Keri Hilson

  • "OMG" -Usher ft.

Dance demos


I would like to thank Harmonix for creating such a wonderful game. This game had changed me as a person because of the people I've met and the wonderful experiences I had and will still have in the near future.

I would also like to thank the people who have been constantly supporting me and my endeavors, namely, my Dance Central master Gerry, my partners in crime Henry and Gilbert, the love of my life aka Emila, to my PDC All Stars, and for everyone who has been part of this long journey.

My word of advice to all, always strive for what you want in life. Do your best and make big efforts to what you want, what you dream of, so that in the future, you won't have any regrets. Thank you and God bless!

Check back with us the first week of each month to see who's turn it is in the Dancer's Spotlight! Think you know someone who deserves their moment? Drop us a line in the forums!