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DLC Week of 10/01: jxdn and Skindred!

This week’s DLC features otherworldly songs by jxdn and Skindred.

Jaden Hossler, better known as jxdn, is a singer/songwriter and TikTok content creator. With 14.5 million followers across various social platforms, 100 million global streams, and appearing on more than 40 global viral charts, jxdn has skyrocketed to success. In August, jxdn was named Billboard’s August Chartbreaker. His hit song “Angels & Demons” is all over Top 40 radio and has surpassed 57 million streams worldwide. Travis Barker, of Blink-182 fame, started a label – DTA – and in May 2020, jxdn became the first artist signed to it. “Angels & Demons” is a gritty, synthy jam that will be an exciting, new experience for your crew’s singers and drummers – be prepared for strong vocals and pounding drums.

Visit to learn more about jxdn – listen to his music, watch music videos, and shop merch!

Let’s run it back to 2009 really quick. Heavy Welsh band, Skindred, released their third studio album, Shark Bites and Dog Fights, in September 2009. “Stand for Something” was the second single, released ahead of the album in August, and subsequently placed as the first song in the track listing. Yet again, we’re going to let the vocalists and drummers shine with this one. Can you keep up with the complex patterns and impassioned lyrics?

jxdn’s “Angels & Demons” will be available for $1.49 for the first two weeks, and then $1.99 going forward. Skindred's “Stand for Something” will be available for $1.99 on the Rock Band Music Store.

Don’t forget about the brand-new Season Pass. It includes *all* of the new DLC that will be released over the course of Season 18, regardless of whether it’s in the spotlight or not.  It’s a big bundle with a big savings. The Season 18 Season Pass is available for purchase now.

  • jxdn – “Angels & Demons”
  • Skindred – “Stand for Something”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 10/01: jxdn and Skindred!



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, October 1st.