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DLC Week of 10/10: 4th Anniversary Free DLC Pack!

It’s our birthday!

To celebrate Rock Band 4 turning 4, what better than 4 songs from some Harmonix acts? Across the 4 years of Rock Band 4, we’ve released hundreds of DLC tracks, tons of new features and updates, and 139 Rivals Challenges so far(really hope we counted that right)! So think of these songs as something like snippets of time, associated with many of the things we’ve worked on over the last few years. You’ll recognize Duck & Cover from the Rock Band 4 disc song “Knock Em Down”, and we’re adding “Two Shots” in this free Pack! If that isn't enough, listen to even more from the band on their Spotify page. Jump ahead to Rock Band Rivals, where Newfane’s “I Recognize” appeared, and get ready for “Don’t Let Her Go” coming soon. "Don't Let Her Go" kicks off the band's latest, The End of Times, which is also out on Spotify.

Along with those two, we’ve got “Time For Crime” from ORION, which you may know from the Audica soundtrack. You can watch its cybernetic music video here. DID YOU KNOW: The ORION group also features a member of the Rock Band DLC charting team! Rounding us out is “Fall Apart” from Shocked Laura, a new entry to the annals of Harmonix bands. These two are new artists to Rock Band, and they’re both great additions to your song list. Be sure to check out the full Pack this week!

All Rock Band 4 owners can download the 4th Anniversary Free DLC Pack!

  • Duck & Cover - "Two Shots"
  • Newfane - "Don't Let Her Go"
  • ORION - "Time For Crime"
  • Shocked Laura - "Fall Apart"


VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 10/10: 4th Anniversary Free DLC Pack!



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* Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available on Thursday, October 10th.