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DLC Week of 10/6: 7th Anniversary Free DLC Pack

7th Anniversary of RB4

This week we’re marking the seven-year anniversary of “Rock Band 4” with three exciting and challenging tracks. Get the celebration going with the new (and free!) DLC arriving in the Rock Band Music Store this Thursday: Ben Quad “Blood for the Blood God,” Gulfer “End of the World,” and Sweet Pill “Where the Heart Is.” 

Massive drums, hooky (and tricky!) fretwork, and deliciously layered vocals combine to make Ben Quad “Blood for the Blood God” a slam-dunk from the first sonically ferocious salvo. This one’s the opening song from Ben Quad’s 2022 debut disc, I’m Scared That’s All There Is, and as far as statements of intent go, it’s a bold, confident one. Lead guitarist Edgar Viveros doesn’t take his foot off the pedal for the duration of the track (good luck playing along RB’ers!), while drummer Isaac Young matches Viveros’ intensity and complexity every stop of the way (that part’s also going to be tricky to master). Bassist Henry Shields also helps to provide the thick wall of backing vocals that adds to the song’s character in equal measure to Sam Wegrzynski’s powerful and assertive lead vox.

Does “Blood for the Blood God” get your own blood pumping? Take the deep dive and learn more about the band’s music, pick up some official merch, and keep track of upcoming tour dates.

“End of the World” showcases the qualities that have drawn fans to Gulfer since the group’s formation in 2011: dreamy soundscapes, assertive dynamic shifts, and emotional heft. Lyrically, this 2021 track explores our shared experiences during the pandemic, while Joseph Therriault’s and Vincent Ford’s guitars bounce off of, around, and through one another with bassist David Mitchell and drummer Julien Daoust keeping the whole complex enterprise together. Melodically, “End of the World” is a hook-laden showcase for this Canadian four-piece’s considerable musical acumen. Anyone looking for a challenging song to tackle should find plenty to sink their teeth into with this one! 

Is “End of the World” already your new favorite song and you want to dig deeper? Check out Gulfer’s 2022 clip, “Greetings/Barely” over here:

The title track from Sweet Pill’s 2022 debut album, Where the Heart Is comes out of the gate swinging, with a snappy and taut rimshot-heavy beat that’s soon joined by a rush of guitar before the full band kicks in with some serious power. This Philadelphia five-piece evokes an atmosphere of spring-loaded tension, with emotive delivery evocative of some of the classics from the early ‘10s, without sounding dated. Vocalist Zanya Youssef’s expressive vocals pair ideally with lyrics of frustration and searching for a path – for a “home.” Specifically, “Where the Heart Is” examines the journey of finding oneself as a young adult, and coming to terms with – or rejecting – the realities of working a nine-to-five. Jayce Williams’ and Sean McCall’s interweaving, melodic guitar lines and riffs are anchored by drummer Chris Kearny’s nimble stick-work and bassist Ryan Cullen’s energetic four-string bottom end. Overall, this excellent track is defined by elaborately structured arrangements and some serious instrumental chops: engaging to listen to, or try and play along with.

Coming straight out of the Philadelphia DIY scene, Sweet Pill’s genre-straddling, punchy tuneage is already making waves well beyond the City of Brotherly Love. Their recently released debut album, Where the Heart Is, has already found its way into the playlists of many. Be sure to check the band out while they’re on tour this fall.

These compelling rockers are available in the Rock Band Store now – free! Grab all three today!

Ben Quad “Blood for the Blood God”, Gulfer “End of the World”, and  Sweet Pill “Where the Heart Is” are available Thursday 10/6

  •  Ben Quad – “Blood for the Blood God
  •  Gulfer – “End of the World”
  • Sweet Pill – “Where the Heart Is”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 10/6: Ben Quad, Gulfer, and Sweet Pill 



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for free on Thursday, October 6th.