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DLC Week of 10/7: 6th Anniversary Free DLC Pack!

Happy 6th Anniversary to Rock Band 4!

First and foremost, thanks so much to everyone who has been with us for the last six years. We’ve been so happy to see so many people enjoying the game after all of these years. It’s been awesome to see such incredible participation in our Rivals seasons, top scores being set on both new tracks and older songs, and everyone sharing which favorite artists they’d like to see come to Rock Band next.

To celebrate the game’s anniversary, we’re releasing a free 4-pack of playable tracks with our friends at Counter Intuitive Records.

First up is Mom Jeans. from Berkeley, CA. Their track “Girl Scout Cookies” is the eighth track from their 2016 album Best Buds and features a fun tom drum intro and lush clean guitar chords that lead into great lead lines and an honest vocal delivery. Guitarists are sure to have a fun time with this track and drummers are also in for a challenge.

The second track in the pack is from Lowell, Massachusetts-based trio Oldsoul’s 2020 album titled You Were Overwhelmed. “Like No Surprise” features a big drum sound, a mix of clean and distorted guitars and melodically complex vocals. The complex chord changes will prove to be a bit tricky for vocalists and the rest of the band is sure to have a fun time as well.

Next in the pack is “The Title Track” from Washington D.C. duo Origami Angel and is the seventh track from their 2019 album Somewhere City. “The Title Track” features some incredibly virtuosic guitar playing by guitarist and singer Ryland Heagy and high tempo drumming from Pat Doherty. The song manages to be both heavy and complex and equally melodic and beautiful while also having a very large sound despite only having two members in the band.

Last but certainly not least, is the eclectic track “Cosmic Thrill Seeking Forever” from Prince Daddy & the Hyena’s 2019 album Cosmic Thrill Seekers. “Cosmic Thrill Seeking Forever” alternates between sections with clean guitars and melodic singing and sections with distorted guitar leads, heavy drums and more gritty and harsh vocals. This track is perfect for anyone looking for fun guitar parts and an eclectic sound.

We hope you enjoy this free pack of playable tracks and we look forward to seeing who can conquer all of these songs.

  • Mom Jeans. - “Girl Scout Cookies”
  • Oldsoul - “Like No Surprise”
  • Origami Angel - "The Title Track”
  • Prince Daddy & the Hyena - "Cosmic Thrill Seeking Forever”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 10/7: 6th Anniversary Free DLC Pack!



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for download on Wednesday, October 6th.