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DLC Week of 12/22: Cheap Trick and Classless Act

Cheap Trick “Hello There” and Classless Act ft. Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe “Classless Act, the new DLC debuting this Thursday in the Rock Band Music Store, are two album-opening tracks that rock with unrestrained energy and serve as powerful manifestations of intent.

Up first we have a Rock Band Rewind from the Rock Band 2 soundtrack: “Hello There” by the legendary Cheap Trick. Originally the first cut off of the 1977 LP In Color, Rockford, Illinois’ finest decided to re-record the track 20 years later, as they had never been entirely pleased with the polished, glossy production aesthetic of the original. After a few clicks of the drumsticks, Rick Nielsen’s driving, cyclic rhythm guitar fuzz sets the sonic stage, soon augmented by urgently assertive snare hits, Robin Zander’s celebrated tenor vocal stylings, and Tom Petersson’s thunderous 12-string bass work. Throughout this concise master-work, the band brings the big guns – exceptional melodies, ferocious hooks, and fervent delivery. The visceral attack and raucous energy of “Hello There” made it the perfect album opener all those years ago and Cheap Trick continues to kick off most of their live performances with the song. The message of this banger is direct and simple (lyrically, there are only five lines – total) and speaks to Nielsen’s intent when composing the piece: “a perfect ‘welcome to the show’ intro.” Mission accomplished, sir! As importantly, “Hello There” is a prime example of this powerful foursome at their dynamic, irresistible best. It turns out that this one minute and 42 seconds blast of powerperfection is also ideal for rhythm gaming! Ladies and gents, it’s time to ask yourself the question Cheap Trick puts forth repeatedly in this slammer: Are you ready to rock?

Rising L.A.-based quintet Classless Act has been making quite the mark for themselves in 2022. Their celebrated recent release, Welcome to the Show, kicks off with “Classless Act,” an upbeat banger of a track that showcases the group in all its gritty, from-the-streets glory. There’s plenty of ‘80s sleaze in this hard rock tour de force that projects some distinctly Crüe-ish vibes – appropriate, given the song’s guest vocalist: Vince Neil. While lead singer Derek Day’s raw, powerful delivery carries the majority of the tune, it’s a treat to hear the Mötley Crüe frontman belting away gamely on the second verse and chorus. Throughout “Classless Act” the guitar tandem of Dane Pieper and Griffin Tucker unleash some satisfyingly bloozey riffage and any number of ripping leads, while bassist Franco Gravante pairs tightly with Chuck McKissock on drums. At around the 2:11 mark, Day adds a stunning harmonica break as the majority of the band dials things back a bit and McKissock bangs out a tribal tom-heavy beat. There’s a lot going on here! It’d be easy to categorize Classless Act as a band on some retro kick, but that assessment would also be lazy. These guys are pure rock and roll without slavishly adhering to any subcategorization, bending genre to their will. Of their album’s eponymous lead-off song, lead singer Derek Day has said, “It’s a little dirty, maybe kinda sloppy and probably needs a good night’s sleep and a shower, and it absolutely kicks ass. Every night. Just like us.” Well put! You’re gonna have fun playing along with this one!

Cheap Trick “Hello There” and Classless Act ft. Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe “Classless Act” are available for $1.99 each.

  • Cheap Trick – “Hello There”
  • Classless Act ft. Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe – “Classless Act”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 12/22: Cheap Trick and Classless Act 



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, December 22nd.