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DLC Week of 3/14 = The Cranberries

In celebration of last week’s International Women’s Day and this week’s St. Patrick’s Day, we’re bringing more music from the Irish rock band, The Cranberries, to Rock Band 4! These tracks have just what you need to satisfy your female-fronted band itch, and will get you through any celebrations of your own on this special Irish day. Don’t be surprised if you end up feeling like a Zombie this Friday!

The famous tune “Zombie” is the only track with a guitar solo in this week’s new DLC. The solo is very chord heavy, which is uncommon and an interesting twist from the known rock solo style. There was a fair amount of discussion by our DLC authoring team whether to add the vocal breaks into the track’s vocal chart. The vocalist breaking into her head voice was such an integral part to the song that it was decided to be authored into the vocal part.

“Dreams” begins with a series of arpeggiated notes on guitar – these are the same notes as the chords that are played later on in the song. There are energetic drum fills spread throughout the entire track, while challenging vocals and harmonies accompany the Celtic energy.

From our animations department, the track “Ode To My Family” was created to imitate the official music video from The Cranberries. The color scheme shifts between black + white and color based on the lyrics – whenever the lyrics speak to memories of the past, the scene shifts to black and white. There are active harmonies, as well as brush techniques used in the drums throughout this track.

“The Cranberries Pack 01” can be purchased for $5.49. Tracks are available individually for $1.99 each.

  • “Zombie”
  • “Dreams”
  • “Ode To My Family”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 3/14: The Cranberries

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