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DLC Week of 3/26: All Time Low and A Day to Remember!

Plug in and power up!

DLC songs from All Time Low and A Day to Remember are making their way to the Rock Band Music Store this week.

All Time Low has come a long way since forming in high school nearly two decades ago. The band has released a whopping seven studio albums, with their eighth Wake Up, Sunshine, coming soon. Wake Up, Sunshine features the introspective anthem “Some Kind of Disaster”. As you play through this track, the rhythm section will an upbeat pace characteristic of what we all love about pop-punk and guitarists will enjoy playing triumphantly. The lyrics let us in the meaning behind the song we’re hearing with rose-colored glasses, as vocalists will sing along with singer-songwriter Alex Gaskarth as he reveals some of the not-so-great, but highly relatable attributes people face. Grab the whole band and FC this one together, it’ll be both incredibly rad and cathartic. Don’t forget to check out to pre-order their upcoming album, check out merch bundles, and snag some concert tickets.

“Better Off This Way”, from Rock Band stalwarts A Day to Remember, also joins the DLC catalog this week. This powerful, punchy RBN track hails from A Day to Remember’s fourth studio album, What Separates Me From You. Prove your skills on vocals and sing along to emotion-fueled lyrics about standing up for yourself. If you dig “Better Off This Way”, consider snagging “Sticks & Bricks” from the Music Store as well.

All Time Low’s “Some Kind of Disaster” can be purchased for $1.49 for the first two weeks, then will be $1.99 going forward. A Day to Remember’s “Better Off This Way” will be available for $1.99 starting Thursday, March 26th.

Don’t forget about the brand-new Spotlight Pass Plus option. In addition to the songs in the Spotlight Pass, it includes *all* of the new DLC that will be released over the course of Season 16, regardless of whether it’s in the spotlight or not.  It’s a bigger bundle and comes with a higher savings. Both the regular Season 16 Spotlight Pass and Spotlight Pass Plus are available for purchase now.

  • All Time Low – “Some Kind of Disaster” (Part of the Rock Band Rivals Season 16 Spotlight Pass)
  • A Day to Remember – “Better Off This Way” (RBN)

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 3/26: All Time Low and A Day to Remember!




*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, March 26th.