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DLC Week of 3/7 = One Direction!

Hey gang,

The well-known boy band One Direction joins the growing Rock Band 4 catalog with this week’s new DLC! The vocal melodies and harmonies of these five band members are highlighted within the game and through animations of these tracks. Read on for more notable gameplay tips for this One Direction content!

“What Makes You Beautiful” has a fun triplet pattern for bassists, as well as power triplet drum fills heading into each chorus within the song. The Rock Band 4 animation team spent some quality time on cameras in this track to show off the complexity in the vocal harmonies.

The song “Never Enough” has a fun swing feel with a challenging vocal track. The lower harmonies sing a fun repetitive line to accompany the overall shuffle vibe.

“Best Song Ever” is a Devil Horn tier on both guitar and vocals. While the guitars have a HOPOfest during the introduction, drums transition from a disco beat to a beatboxing section, and cameras change on the beat for major moments in the song. This track is the most challenging in the pack across all instruments, and has an especially notable vocal contribution.

The guitar arpeggios within the verses of “Story of My Life” are entertaining to play for anyone with fancy fingers. Bass guitar switches between rhythm guitar and cello during certain points, completing the additional instruments used in the track. Drum mapping is also slightly switched up, with the red pad being mapped to a more jungle beat.

The “One Direction Pack 01” can be purchased for $6.99. Tracks are available individually for $1.99 each.

  • “What Makes You Beautiful”
  • “Never Enough”
  • “Best Song Ever”
  • “Story of My Life”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 3/7: One Direction

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*Please note that DLC tracks will not be available for purchase until Tuesday, March 8th.