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DLC Week of 4/13: Linkin Park and Naked Gypsy Queens

Linkin Park “More The Victim” and Naked Gypsy Queens “Down To The Devil” bring ALL the rock and roll shout-along power – and then some! You need to pick up this new DLC debuting Thursday in the Rock Band Music Store!

As the first new album since May 2017 from one of the most celebrated rock bands of all time, the 20th anniversary reissue of Linkin Park’s Meteora on April 7th of this year already had fans excited. However, when it came to light a few months ago that singer Mike Shinoda had unearthed a few previously unreleased tracks on his hard drives, longtime supporters of the six-piece were absolutely salivating. “More The Victim” mines familiar sonic and emotional territory for these legends, but takes on greater weight in light of the passing of co-frontman Chester Bennington six years ago. A reworking of fan-favorite instrumental “Cumulus,” which Linkin Park released in 2013 on the LP Underground XIII CD, Shinoda says the cut is, “basically the furthest we got with it, in terms of a demo.” After a brief instrumental intro, at the 7-second mark, “More The Victim” snaps to life with vocals over an assertive, trademark Linkin Park drum beat delivered with Rob Bourdon’s typical authority and power. Lyrically, Bennington offers a scathing rebuke of “More The Victim”’s antagonist. The attention-seeking one-upmanship of anyone who can’t simply lend a sympathetic ear to an individual in crisis and instead raises the stakes by pointing to their own struggles is squarely in the crosshairs here. At 39 seconds in, it’s a prime Linkin Park refrain: emotive, muscular, impactful. Shinoda is an effective MC throughout “More The Victim” and Joseph Hahn’s DJ work provides the “special sauce” that made this legendary band equal parts hip-hop and rock and roll. Meanwhile, Brad Delson’s roaring guitar and the throaty, muscular bass of Phoenix steer the whole affair towards metal territory. It’s a singular alchemy that nobody perfected like these fellas. If you find yourself picking up on the early-aughts vibes of the song’s production and mix, that’s entirely intentional. As Shinoda has explained regarding the newly discovered tracks, “I really wanted to keep it true to the initial intention, because I didn’t want to taint this time warp. What I love about the three new songs is that all of them represent a different facet of the band, as it was in 2003.” Whether you’re a longtime, die-hard Linkin Park fanatic, or new to what this group brings to the table, “More The Victim” is an emotional, rewarding ride. Don’t miss out!

After a few seconds of raw guitar feedback, Naked Gypsy Queens’ “Down To The Devil” fully – and aggressively – leans into some of the nastiest, riff-heavy hard rock imaginable. We’re talking colossal hooks and vintage vibe, but with enough youthful energy and originality to avoid falling into “been there, done that” territory. After the powerful instrumental opening salvo, at the 17-second point Chris Attigliato’s gargling-with-whiskey-and-gravel vocals join the fray and DAMN! For anyone convinced that “rock is dead” (absurd), just one listen to this cut will put your fears to rest. Heavy hitting drums courtesy of Landon Herring, Bo Howard’s thumpy bass, and the interwoven guitar lines of Cade Pickering and Attigliato make this band an absolute eye-opener. Oh, but it gets even better – much better! At just under a minute in (it’s such a fun listen, you’ll swear it’s more like 10 seconds), this Nashville-based foursome delivers a soaring, unforgettable chorus that’s every bit as catchy as the most meticulously crafted chart-topping pop music out there. Nope, you won’t be able to get this one out of your head for a while (Sorry, not sorry). These boys rock – hard – but they also truly excel on the songwriting front. The bloozy swagger continues full bore, eventually reaching the otherworldly, scorching guitar solo at 2:30. Holy heavy rock climax! Fast fretwork, singing vibrato, tube-driven tone, and impeccable note-choice – it’s got it all. Then it’s back to that glorious refrain for one last visit before a final reminder of the six-string riff that started things off in the first place. Sneer-lipped, self-assured, and coming towards you at top-speed like a souped-up V8, “Down To The Devil” is a standout achievement that deserves widespread, mainstream attention. Naked Gypsy Queens’ debut EP, Georgiana – featuring this track – should get a spot in your rotation and you’d be doing yourself a favor to download and start playing along!

Linkin Park “More The Victim” and Naked Gypsy Queens “Down To The Devil” are available for $1.99 each.

  • Linkin Park – “More The Victim”
  • Naked Gypsy Queens – “Down To The Devil”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 4/13: Linkin Park “More The Victim” and Naked Gypsy Queens “Down To The Devil”



*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, April 13th.