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DLC Week of 5/23 = Gin Blossoms

Tempe, Arizona-based Gin Blossoms return to the Rock Band Library with two new tracks! Their first appearance in the game was on the Rock Band 4 disc soundtrack with “Follow You Down.” Two more tracks from this group have now been added to the roster – check out our gameplay tips below!

The constant barrage of arpeggios in “Found Out About You” make for a fun guitar part during the track. A descending bass riff gives the song more life, along with bass chords sprinkled throughout.

The guitar part of “Hey Jealousy” also has lots of chords and arpeggios, with an entertaining and varied guitar solo within the chart. There are energetic drums charted in this track as well, with a few double kicks thrown in “just for kicks.”

Our animations team used mainly the same warm color scheme for these Gin Blossoms tracks. Incorporating blues, purples, and reds, the songs have a unified look and theme to them. Now you can tell that you’re performing a Gin Blossoms track based on the color scheme!

These DLC tracks are available individually for $1.99 each.

  • “Found Out About You”
  • “Hey Jealousy”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 5/23: Gin Blossoms

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*Please note that DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Tuesday, May 24th.