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DLC Week of 7/20: The Black Keys and Wilson Phillips!

A new week means new tracks come to Rock Band 4 this week, so add to your library with songs from The Black Keys and Wilson Phillips and nail bluesy guitar lines or belt out some great harmonies.

Featured on the Rock Band VR soundtrack, “Gold On The Ceiling” is coming to Rock Band 4 DLC. The second single off El Camino, it was critically well-received and topped the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. It still remains one of The Black Keys’ most notable hits in a career filled with MANY successful singles. The harmonies in the song are made up of a small backing choir, a rare appearance in the Rock Band catalog. The drums AND guitar both have swung patterns, with the guitar also having some quick licks scattered through the song, keeping things fresh. For a challenge, try singing it while playing guitar like Dan Auerbach does!

Daniel’s Take:
Daniel Sussman, Product Manager, Rock Band
I love rock music. I grew up in the ‘80s listening to classic rock, punk, and metal and get a huge kick when contemporary bands break through with a classic, retro approach. The Black Keys bring a sound that keeps the rock torch burning. While bands are trading in guitars for laptops, “Gold On The Ceiling” is a stirring reminder that a couple dudes (or ladies) with dirty guitars and attitude can still connect on a massive scale.

“Hold On” was the debut single by Wilson Phillips. Their self-titled debut quickly became the highest selling album by an all-female group at the time, with over ten million copies sold to date. “Hold On” reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was ultimately crowned the 1990 Billboard top song of the year. Drums do a galloping disco beat, which adds an intriguing spin to the pattern. The bass has HOPOs strewn through the song, great to coordinate with singing. Of course, harmonies are the highlight of the song. They’ve been meticulously crafted to make each line accurately tied to a member, which becomes fun as they take turns sprinkling in ‘one-liners’. Line 1 is Chynna Phillips while Lines 2 and 3 are Wendy Wilson and Carnie Wilson. Enjoy this one.

Melissa’s Take:
Melissa Ferrao, Marketing Project Manager
I’ve been belting out “Hold On” at weddings and karaoke bars years before a certain female fronted comedy film about a bride’s best friends made it cool. If you’ve gone through a breakup, are drowning at work, or simply had a bad week…”Break free from the chains” this weekend and get your homegirls together to play “Hold On” on Rock Band 4. I promise you’ll start to see “things’ll go your way!”

Songs can be purchased individually for $1.99 each.

  • The Black Keys - "Gold On The Ceiling"
  • Wilson Phillips - "Hold On"

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 7/20: The Black Keys and Wilson Phillips!

We’ll be showing off this week’s newest DLC on our Twitch stream Wednesday, July 19th starting at 5PM ET. Tune in here!

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