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DLC Week of 8/08: All That Remains, The Limousines, and The Lumineers!

Check out our latest DLC from All That Remains, The Limousines, and The Lumineers!

“Undone” is another great track from All That Remains’ Overcome. “Undone” is the band at their best, with all the trademarks you’ve come to expect from All That Remains. You’ve got endless kick pedals. You’ve got fast guitar solos. Vocals will swap between clean and screaming as fast as phrase to phrase. If you’re looking for a challenge, you’ve found it.

The Limousines’ debut album Get Sharp featured the single “Very Busy People”. The band found success with this combination, getting rave reviews for Get Sharp and leading to them touring with Neon Trees a few short months later. With its electronic tinge, you’ll find lots of fun on the drums. The intro will test your sticking, as a breakbeat throws you in the deep end immediately. Then you’ll play disco beats and accelerating tom rolls throughout.

Finally, we’ve got the latest single from The Lumineers, “Gloria”, from their upcoming album III. “Gloria” has been playing on the radio all summer, making it a top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs chart, along with #2 on Rock Digital Song Sales and #1 on Rock Airplay. Thumping drums drive an upbeat acoustic guitar line throughout the song. Harmonies escalate as the song continues, culminating in background shouting near the end of the track.
Head to now, as the band’s next album III comes out in just over a month. You can preorder from a variety of places and formats, including signed vinyl and shirt bundles. Watch the hectic music video for “Gloria”, and then check out their news for tour announcements and more!


For the first two weeks of release, “Gloria” can be purchased individually for $1.49. Songs can be purchased individually for $1.99. The Rock Band Rivals Season 12 Spotlight Pass can be purchased for $11.99. 

  • All That Remains - "Undone"
  • The Limousines - "Very Busy People"
  • The Lumineers - "Gloria" (Part of the Rock Band Rivals Season 12 Spotlight Pass)


VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 8/08: All That Remains, The Limousines, and The Lumineers!

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* Please note that this week’s DLC tracks tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, August 8th.