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DLC Week of 9/28: Blue Öyster Cult and Shawn Mendes!

September is almost over, but we’ve got two new songs this week that will resurrect those summer jam vibes.

Blue Öyster Cult's famous hit "Burnin' For You" is the epitome of an ‘80s rock song; dynamic, distorted guitar riffs, a pulsing bass line, smooth harmonies, and energetic drums. Off of Fire of Unknown Origin, the song was an instant sensation upon its release in 1981; reaching #1 on the Billboard Top Tracks as well as spending several weeks in the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. Drums kick in the song and see some heavy fill action at the end of the intro; there’s movement between rock beats and fills from verse to chorus. Buck Dharma’s vocals are pretty relaxed, so grab a friend for some harmonies. The bassline chugs under the whole song without pause, and the guitar will have you moving between lead riffs, syncopated chord strums, and a guitar solo that shreds.

A future pop classic, "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back" appears on Shawn Mendes' sophomore album Illuminate. It has spent the past twenty weeks in the top ten across Billboard charts including the Hot 100, as well as reaching the top of charts globally. The song currently stands at #1 on the Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart. A true summer jam, Mendes’ vocal line moves quickly through the song in eighth note runs. Percussive guitar strums create a rhythm that pops against the drums and handclaps. The bass and drums groove all the way through, with tough sticking in the choruses.

Songs can be purchased individually for $1.99 each. The Rock Band Rivals Season 2 Spotlight Pass can be purchased for $13.49.

  • Blue Öyster Cult - "Burnin' For You" (Part of the Rock Band Rivals Season 2 Spotlight Pass)
  • Shawn Mendes - "There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back"

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 9/28: Blue Öyster Cult and Shawn Mendes!

We’ll be showing off this week’s newest DLC on our Twitch stream today starting at 5PM ET. Tune in here!

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* Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, September 28th.