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DropMix Is Heading West to PAX!

If you're starting to get antsy with excitement over PAX West in a couple weeks, you've officially got one more reason to look forward to it. Harmonix will be there (along with some of our friends from Hasbro), and we'll be showing you DropMix! You can get your hands on Clash Mode, Party Mode, and maybe even an elusive third mode that we haven't announced yet. Shhhh...

If you're planning to swing by, we'll be up on the fourth floor, in the Skybridge Lobby of the WSCC. To sweeten the deal, anyone that plays DropMix at our booth will get a Special Edition DropMix Card, featuring the Main Title Song from The Transformers! This limited card will only be available at events and it won't be sold in stores, so don't miss it, because it’s only available while supplies last!

The Transformers Special Edition DropMix Card

DropMix's launch is right around the corner, so don't miss your chance to get the Special Edition Transformers card and get your hands on the game before it's in stores. See you in Seattle on September 1st!