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DropMix Available Now for Mixing!

Today is the day! We’ve been showcasing some amazing tracks over the past couple of months and now it’s your turn to control the music. Time to start collecting your favorite tunes, collaborating with friends, and competing for the perfect mix.

Get DropMix Today!

We’re excited to finally share this passion project of ours and put the power in your hands. DropMix™ is an engaging and innovative music mixing game you can play with friends by blending music from your favorite artists. Experiment with beats, explore different playlists, and find common ground in uncommon places.

Becoming a music-mixer is now as easy as dropping cards on a board. No prior skills required!

Face off in a 1v1, 2v2, or even 1v2 Clash battle to dominate the mix! Race against friends to 21 points by playing cards and adding new sounds to the track. Replace your opponent’s cards with your own music choices and watch the mix continue to change and flawlessly merge incoming new tunes.

And don’t forget to look out for opportunities for earning additional bonus points. Introduce missing elements or take control of the full mix for special game bonuses. Take advantage of those FX cards to make additional plays, earn points, or take points away from the opposing team.

If all else fails, press that DropMix button to clear cards and level the playing field.

Clash Mode

Ditch the competition and collaborate with friends to meet all of the Party requests. Fulfill song requests and build unique beats before time runs out. The quicker the draw, the more points you’ll rack up!

Keep the party alive by matching power level, color, and song component. And when the crowd is looking for something completely new, get ready to hit that DropMix button to mix it up.

Play your cards right and you might just earn yourself an encore.

Party Mode

Freestyle mode allows you to create your own revolutionary mix from the ground up. Play any card, anywhere and change up the key, tempo, and music in your mix. Experiment with different combos and controls to reveal an incredible variety of blended sounds.

Looking for something totally different? The DropMix button will flip the script and randomize the track’s key and BPM for a new sound. At any moment, you’re only one button away from an entirely new mix.

Freestyle Edits

And at the core of this mind-blowing mixing experience is the music. DropMix offers a variety of musical elements from award-winning artists and songs, from a diverse cross-section of genres. We have a growing offering of cards and songs from top artists for millions of unique mixes and this is just the start.

All DropMix Songs

Return to your favorite tracks by saving the mix at any point in any mode! Play back your top hits, share with friends, and bring your best mix to the next party.

Saved Mixes

DropMix is an exciting new way to interact with your favorite songs and explore unfamiliar music. Enjoy a fast-paced mix up of strategy and reflex, and exercise that creative ear. Now it’s your turn to compete, collaborate, or go solo to create one of a kind tracks.