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Announcing Party Mode for DropMix!

Our tech-driven music-mixing experience is making its way to E3 2017 this month to show off an innovative new way to play & to drop additional new hit tracks into the mix.

You’ve seen us go head to head in Clash Mode and today we’re excited to reveal our new fast-paced Party Mode that’s all about collaborative play.

Party Mode

Unlike Clash Mode, where you challenge your friends to dominate the mix, Party Mode is all about joining forces, working together to build an unexpected combination of tunes. You’ll work together with other players as a team to fulfill song requests from the crowd while creating an ever-changing stream of blended songs, including tracks from award-winning artists. Collaborate with friends and race against the clock to keep the party rocking and build mind-blowing new music mixes.

The DropMix app will start throwing out party mix requests and someone from your crew will need to play a matching card before the clock runs out to satisfy the masses. The faster you give the crowd what they want, the more points your team will earn.

Your goal is to keep the crowd happy and the music mixing while racking up points for playing quickly.

Party Mode Gameplay

The crowd will ask for cards with a certain level, color, or instrument. The DropMix app might also ask you to remove cards or hit the DropMix button.

Make a wrong move and you’ll get a foul, killing the vibe and losing points. Play your cards right and you’ll earn bonus requests and score extra points. And if the crowd is really loving what you’re dropping into the mix, you might even get yourself an encore round.

Build your own unique deck with favorite artists, songs, and music elements to create an amazing mix while carrying out party requests. Strategize & collaborate with your crew to mix tracks, creating something never heard before!

With this dynamic new approach to music experience, we definitely need fresh songs. We’re dropping new tracks into the mix with this exciting lineup from renowned artists from multiple music genres.

Song Announce

And the surprises keep coming. We’ll be announcing even more songs, as well as captivating new ways to build mixes as we make our way closer to DropMix’s launch this fall.

- Riley