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Employee Spotlight: Sarah Hoisington

This month we’re shining the spotlight over on Sarah. She is a producer on the DLC team for Rock Band, and works hard each week to bring new songs to the game for the entire Rock Band community.  

Without further delay, take it away Sarah!

What’s your current title, and how long have you been at Harmonix?

I am an Associate Producer, currently working on the Rock Band DLC team. This is my second tour at Harmonix, so I’ve been here about a year in total!

My role at HMX is to keep DLC on schedule, and make sure things are received/completed in time to hit our release dates. I also manage all of the submission processes with our first party partners.

Basically, I help the DLC team get what they need to crank out awesome DLC for our community every week!

What were you doing before Harmonix, and how did you find your way here?

I have a squirrely path to my desk, so to be quite honest, I’m shocked I find my way here every day! Before Harmonix, I worked for a bicycle company doing a little bit of everything from placing orders, picking, packing and shipping. After that job, I worked in the purchasing department of an auto parts website as a vendor manager. From there I went on to a sales position at a diamond brand, then transitioned to the ops side, running the diamond room, keeping an eye on a multimillion-dollar very shiny inventory.

Now I am here at Harmonix and help make video games!

Are you working on anything outside of Harmonix?

Most of my time outside of Harmonix is spent raising a small human and going on rad adventures with her. If I can find a bite of time for myself, I’m likely teaching yoga. In nicer weather, I’m riding my motorcycle with my girlfriends.

What’s your favorite Harmonix game and why?

Aside from Rock Band, my favorite Harmonix game has to be Audica. It’s crazy fun and as someone who hasn’t played a ton of VR, it’s a great game to get your feet wet in the VR space.

What Rock Band instrument do you play?

I usually go for Bass but am currently trying to get better at drums.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Yikes! Like for funsies or for crime fighting/save the world scenarios? I think I’ll need to do some soul searching to get back to you on this. Actually, maybe my superpower might need to be the power to stop overthinking everything.

Would you rather be a pitch perfect singer, flawless dancer, or skilled musician?

Tough question! I’d love to be a good singer and front for a band (picture David Lee Roth high kicks and Freddie Mercury power stances). Then again, I’ve always wanted to be a drummer. I’d just be sitting at the back of the stage spinning sticks between songs while my metal hair is blown around by the nearest box fan.

What’s your go-to candy bowl candy?

I haven’t met a candy bowl treat I didn’t like, but Skittles are my go-to, specifically to use as mini-rewards for myself as I complete tasks at work.

What’s your go-to Karaoke Jam?

“Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa is the first one that comes to mind, although I’m always happy to attempt “Don’t Stop Me Now” or anything by Queen.