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Everything You Need To Know About Previous Game Soundtracks in Rock Band 4

Hey gang,

We have some good news from the Rock Band 4 front!

We're hard at work trying to make Rock Band 3 exportable into Rock Band 4 and are shooting to have that available with the December 8th feature update.

As a corollary, we are rapidly approaching the expiration of our ability to sell Rock Band 3. This means that you have until October 30th to buy Rock Band 3 from the Xbox Live® Marketplace or until traditional retailers run out of stock (if you're into that kind of thing).

So, if you are new to Rock Band 4, we strongly recommend picking up Rock Band 3! It's got a fantastic sound track that will be exportable. If you have already bought Rock Band 3, get ready to rock with all that great music in Rock Band 4. A few notes:

  • Any tracks from the Rock Band 3 disc with authored guitar solos will feature upgraded Freestyle Guitar Solo and Freestyle Vocal features. For those of you who haven't played “Freebird” with Freestyle Guitar Solos (which is everyone except for the Harmonix staff), you are in for a real treat.

Don't forget - you can toggle between the new Rock Band 4 features and legacy features, like originally authored guitar solos, right in the middle of each track!

  • The Rock Band 3 export will be available for $14.99 for people that are verified purchasers of Rock Band 3 only.
  • We will be automatically verifying your purchase electronically, which means that you'll need to have bought a new copy and played Rock Band 3 for our export process to work. If, for some reason, our electronic check doesn't work for you, please contact our Customer Support portal here.
  • While the Rock Band 3 game is expiring, the export offer itself will be valid for the foreseeable future. As long as you have the game, you can take your time and we’ll give you plenty of notice before the export offer is set to expire.
  • We're still working on supporting previously exported Rock Band titles in Rock Band 4 and hope to have that content available for those of you who have already exported into Rock Band 3 later on. Stay tuned for more updates!

The Rock Band 4 Disc Export Chart


The Rock Band Team.