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February Rock Band DLC Announced – The Month of Love

Hey gang,

The month of love is upon us! February is all about bringing the love, and we’ve got plenty to share with you in our own special way – DLC! This month, we’re featuring tracks we love from previous Rock Band disc setlists, and including a few lovely new hits for you to enjoy!

You can expect to see these tunes coming to the Rock Band Music Store this month:

  • Cake – “I Will Survive”
  • Jason Derulo – “Want To Want Me”
  • Ram Jam – “Black Betty”
  • Simple Minds – “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”
  • Twisted Sister – “I Wanna Rock”

As mentioned above, we’re showing some love for tracks of Rock Band’s past with our Rock Band Rewind series. Tracks noted with the Rewind “R” indicate that they are tunes from previous Rock Band titles, and are headed to the Music Store as purchasable DLC. This month, our Rewind tracks are:

  • Motörhead – “Ace of Spades”
  • Panic! At The Disco – “Nine In The Afternoon”
  • Ratt – “Round and Round”
  • Sum 41 – “In Too Deep”

Rock Band DLC - 2.2.17

DLC This Week – Ratt and Twisted Sister

This week, tracks from Ratt and Twisted Sister are headed to the Rock Band Music Store!

Starting off our Rewind tracks for the month, “Round and Round” by Ratt comes to Rock Band as DLC for the first time. Those who love belting it out on vocals will love singing this track in-game – both melody and harmony lines will have plenty to do, and we bet you can’t keep your head from banging during this tune. With what our Audio QA team calls a “rippin’ solo” on guitar added to the mix, “Round and Round” is a well-rounded pick for your Music Library.

A new track coming to the Rock Band Library is “I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister. This tune is perfect for beginner rock vocalists, getting harmony singers together for the energy-inspired “ROCK” in each and every chorus. Drummers should take heed to the fair amount of kicks throughout the song. A galloping bass chart will keep this spirited rock hit moving right along through the end.

Each track can be purchased individually for $1.99.

  • Ratt – “Round and Round”
  • Twisted Sister – “I Wanna Rock”

VIDEO: Rock Band 4 DLC Week of 1/31: Ratt and Twisted Sister

We’ll be showing off this week’s newest DLC on our Twitch stream today, starting at 5pm ET. Tune in here!

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*Please note that this week’s DLC tracks will be available for purchase on Thursday, February 2nd.