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Fitness Challenge Friday #5: Move Your Middle

Get off your couch and limber up for the latest Fitness Challenge Friday post! These weekly challenges are designed to help you get the most out of your Dance Central play sessions. This week we're challenging you to whip your core into shape! A strong midsection will give you the support you need to really lock down your favorite dance moves!


Choose 12 songs (minimum, feel free to add more) from the list below and create a playlist in Dance Central 3. For the most songs to choose from try importing your songs from the original Dance Central and Dance Central 2 into Dance Central 3! md5-2853f9b9d7b8f72ce5120474fa0e9d80
You can work through the playlist on Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulties (though Medium or Hard are encouraged for the most effective workouts!). Give it all you’ve got and work through the playlist from beginning to end! Since two players can play simultaneously in Dance Central 3, have a friend team up with you as you work together to reach your fitness goals! Complete your 12+ song playlist a minimum of three times before the next challenge is issued on Friday, February 8.
CHALLENGE SUMMARY: *Choose at least 12 songs from the list above. *Create a playlist with your chosen tracks. *Dance through the playlist at least three times before the next challenge is released on Friday, February 8 (suggested difficulty Medium or Hard, but not required).


*Click here to learn how to create a playlist in Dance Central 3 *Watch this video to learn how to import your songs from your Dance Central and Dance Central 2 discs into Dance Central 3 Music Library:

Good luck and let us know when you complete this challenge by commenting on the Dance Central Facebook page, on the forums, or tweet @Dance_Central on Twitter with the #DC3Fit hashtag.