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Fitness Challenge Friday: Kickin' It Old School

Fitness Challenge Friday rages on! As part of Dance Central Fitness Month we’ve issued DC-related challenges every Friday in January to help you get out of your comfort zone and mix up your workout routine!

Last week we assigned the Get Ripped With Riptide Challenge. This week we're issuing a challenge created by our friends at The Married Gamers, who have not only been following along with our challenges week after week, but have also encouraged others to join the fitness fun and have provided awesome fitness advice to get the most out of Dance Central fitness sessions!


Here's the challenge description as provided by Kelly Brown, editor and host at The Married Gamers:

"The Married Gamers is an adult community with a passion for video games so we wanted to celebrate Dance Central Fitness Month by kickin' it old school with some songs that we grew up with."

The Married Gamers have provided 23 old school Dance Central tracks to choose from of which you need to select 10. These tracks span the entire Dance Central franchise:

Baby Got Back (Mix Mix) (DC2) Brick House (DC) Bust A Move (DC) Control (DLC) Funkytown (DC) Gonna Make You Sweat (DLC) Hot Stuff (DC2) Informer (DLC) Jungle Boogie (DC) My Prerogative (DC2) Poison (DC) Pump Up the Jam (DC) Push It (DC) Rump Shaker (DC) Straight Up (DLC) Super Freak (DLC) The Breaks (DC2) The Humpty Dance (DC2) This Is How We Do It (DC2) Venus (DC2) Whoomp (There It Is) (DLC) Wild Thing (DLC) Word Up! (DLC)

Create a playlist in Dance Central 2 with your 10 old school songs of choice and complete the playlist three times by February 3 on any difficulty (try playing on Medium or Hard for an additional challenge). Since the song choices above span the DC franchise, try importing your songs from the original Dance Central disc to your Dance Central 2 Music Library! That way you can take advantage of the sequel's new features and add them to your playlist! For instructions on how to import your songs click here.

"If you have someone at home who can do them co-op with you, have them jump in with you and push you along. If not, find someone within an online community or via Twitter. It is a great way to push each other along to get to those fitness goals that you are wanting to reach."

Challenge Summary:

1. Choose 10 old school songs from the list above and create a playlist in Dance Central 2 with your tracks of choice.

2. Complete the playlist on any difficulty three times (try playing on Medium or Hard to really get your heart pumping)

3. Complete the challenge by Friday, February 3

Good luck! Big thanks to The Married Gamers for this week's challenge!

Let us know if you complete this challenge on our official Facebook page, in the forums, or tweet @Dance_Central on Twitter with the #DC2Fit hashtag.