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Fitness Challenge Fridays: Get Ripped With Riptide

Fitness Challenge Friday rages on! As part of Dance Central Fitness Month we’ll be issuing DC-related challenges every Friday in January to help you get out of your comfort zone and mix up your workout routine!

Last week we assigned The Unlucky 13 Challenge created by the current leader of the Harmonix Fitness Challenge, Adam Cardoza (@juliusblaise). This week we're encouraging you to Get Ripped With Riptide by playing through the sporty crew's high energy routines with a few additional exercises thrown into the mix!


In Dance Central 2 make sure freestyle mode is turned ON (In the Main Menu go to Options, Gameplay Settings, and then make sure the box next to Freestyle Enabled is checked). Then create a Riptide playlist with the songs below (you can order the songs however you like). Each song has an exercise assigned to it that you'll have to do during that routine's freestyle section. Complete as many reps as you feel comfortable with (if you can only do one pushup that's fine!).

Baby Got Back (Mix Mix) - Butt kicks

DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love - Jumping jacks

My Prerogative - Pushups

Club Can't Handle Me - Run in place

Reach - Shoulder press (try adding light weights - actual weights, two full water bottles, soup cans, etc.)

What Is Love - Lunges

The Humpty Dance - Squats

I Like It - High knees

Massive Attack - Run in place

Complete the playlist three times on any difficulty before the next challenge is issued on Friday, January 27! Since two players can play simultaneously in Dance Central 2 have a friend team up with you for this challenge (not a challenge requirement, but suggested for even more fun)! Also, since it is a Riptide challenge, you should show some love to Bodie and Emilia by choosing them as your dancers for this exercise. It's the nice thing to do.

Challenge summary:

  1. In Dance Central 2 make sure freestyle is enabled.

  2. Create a Riptide playlist with the songs listed above. You can put them in any order you'd like.

  3. While working through the playlist, do each song's assigned exercise during that routine's freestyle section (butt kicks during "Baby Got Back" freestyle, squats during "The Humpty Dance" freestyle, etc.).

  4. Complete the playlist on any difficulty three times by Friday, January 27.

Good luck!

Have any ideas for future challenges? Submit your thoughts on our forums! Your challenge may be selected and could become a future challenge that the entire DC community would have to complete!

Follow us all month long and let us know if you complete this challenge on our official Facebook page, in the forums, or tweet @Dance_Central on Twitter with the #DC2Fit hashtag.