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Freestyle Gives You Full Control over the Mix

We’ve shown how you can clash with your friends and how to amp up the party with DropMix. Now it's time to give you full control of the mix in DropMix's third game mode: Freestyle.

DropMix Modes

Forget all the rules about color slots and the power level of cards, none of that matters in Freestyle. Play any card you want, wherever you want. Want to pair two funky basslines with a trio of beats? Go for it. Feel like your vocals would sound better with a duet? Double them up. Curious what five guitars sound like in unison? Satisfy that curiosity! Just like Clash and Party, there's a Save Mix button here, so you can easily return to them later or share your creations with friends! In Freestyle mode you also have the power to tweak the tempo and the key to your heart's content, along with controlling the volume level of individual tracks.


Looking for some inspiration? Hit the DropMix button in Freestyle and the app will randomize the key and BPM, presenting you with a whole new mix!

DropMix Freestyle Shuffle

What would a new mode announce be without new songs? We've got a bunch of new tracks from new artists to announce, all coming to DropMix in the coming months. Check out what's in store for you and your friends:

Final Song Announce

Between the new mode, the new songs, and all of the already-announced DropMix magic, I'm sure you're wondering when you'll be able to get your hands on everything! Wonder no more, because DropMix will be available starting on September 25th. You can pre-order starting today at or your favorite retailer.

As a reminder, if you're near Seattle, come visit our booth at PAX West this weekend! You'll be able to get your hands on the game and also snag this amazing Special Edition card featuring The Transformers TV show theme. We'll only be handing this out at a few events this year while supplies last, so don't miss it! If you can't make it to PAX, Hasbro will be showing DropMix at both FanExpo in Toronto this weekend and HASCON in Providence next weekend (9/8 - 9/10), and they'll be giving this card there as well!


We can't wait for everyone to get their hands on DropMix later this month. Only a few weeks left!