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Harmonix PAX East Events 2012

We have a ton of events going on for PAX East here in Massachusetts. PAX East is the East Coast's biggest gaming event of the year. Check out our panels, parties, and more below! Hope to see you there!


We're hosting a PAX East Preview Livestream from the Harmonix offices on April 4th. Tune in to see gameplay previews from our NEW GAME, interviews with Harmonix developers, and more. Stay tuned for the time and more details!

Movie & Rock Band Night at the Brattle Theater Brattle Theater, 40 Brattle Street, Cambridge April 5, 6pm

Join us for a night of rock and roll fun with Harmonix. Form your own band or fly solo and enter for a chance to compete live on stage in front of a panel of special guest judges from the gaming world. All our rowdy friends from will be manning the judging rostrum at this Rock Band Night, so be sure to bring your performance pants! This event is a prequel of sorts to the absurdly popular PAX East Convention which begins on April 6. Come early and get your innerrocker pumped with a screening of the ultimate geek’n’roll film, Scott Pilgrim vs The World! Buy your tickets now!

PAX East Panels

Talkin' 'bout My (Content) Generation Naga Theatre Friday 10:00am - 11:00am

It's not just Doom and Halo maps anymore. The Rock Band Network, and the many other user-generated content platforms out there, have built up a whole world of dedicated gamers producing and selling high-quality content right inside games. Not only does user-generated content keep games alive even longer, it can make rock stars out of diehard fans. And while it's not easy being (or working with) rock stars, the crazy idea and crazy people behind the Network have changed what user-generated content can be, and not just for rhythm gaming. Join Rock Band Network authors and some Harmonix staff as they look back at over two years of content and discuss the lessons they've learned, the hurdles they've faced, and what it all means for bringing more user-generated content to even more games.

Panelists include: Rob Witko [Owner, Fairwood Studios], Carolyn VanEseltine [Associate Producer, Harmonix], Owen Douglass [Owner, Ozone Entertainment], Jeff Webster [Musician/Author, independent], Erich Sherman [Author/Podcaster, Rhythm Authors]

Finding the Soul of your Game Manticore Theatre Friday 10:30am - 11:30am

Look at yourself in the mirror. You look pretty different now than you did as a kid. The same is true of your games! Sure, they're fun now and look great. But man, if you saw your games in their gawky preteen phase you might not even recognize them. Come listen to four veteran game designers talk about inspiration, sudden left turns, and serendipity... as well as sleepless nights, tough decisions, and saving throws. It's all part of the process in finding the soul of your game.

Panelists include: Matt Boch [Project Director, Harmonix], Dan Chretien [Game Designer, Demiurge Studios], Josh Glavine [Game Designer, Demiurge Studios], Andrew Ziegler [Game Designer, ImaginEngine], Tom Lin [Creative Director, Demiurge Studios]

Fitocracy Presents: Gaming and Fitness - A Surprisingly Awesome Marriage Wyvern Theatre Friday 12:00pm - 1:00pm

"Oh, he's a gamer. He must be a fat slob who hasn't seen his feet in years." Do you know anyone who thinks that? Of course you do - everyone thinks that! Unfortunately, gamers often think that fitness and gaming are mutually exclusive. We'll show you that not only can you achieve both, but people with the gamer mentality can actually be the fittest, sexiest people out there. Our panel consists of two WoW-nerds-turned-ripped, a Guinness Book of World Record gamer who deadlifts over 300 lbs, and Dance Central's superfit representative. Come learn about the newest revolution in fitness from this Fitocracy-sponsored panel!

Panelists include: Richard Talens [Co-Founder, Fitocracy], Roger Lawson [Founder, RogLaw Fitness], Matt Siegfried [Founder,], Annette Gonzalez [Fitness Community Manager, Harmonix Music]

Harmonix and the Evolution of Beatmatch Gameplay Manticore Theatre Saturday 10:30am - 11:30am

Join Harmonix developers as they discuss and dissect ten years of beatmatch gameplay creation, tracking their long and glorious tradition of designing music rhythm games like Frequency and Amplitude right up to the first public reveal of a brand new title! The panel will include gameplay examples from internal prototypes, honest discussion of our design process successes and failures, insight into how we create and test our games in development, and a synopsis of the design history of a title on public display for the very first time at the Harmonix booth. Q & A to follow.

Panelists include: Matthew Nordhaus [Project Director, Harmonix], Chris Foster [Design Director, Harmonix], Brian Chan [Senior Designer, Harmonix], Jyllian Thibodeau [User Experience Specialist, Harmonix]

Healthy Games: Lose Weight, Live Longer, and Level Up Wyvern Theatre Saturday 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Are you a gamer who wants to get healthier? Or a game dev who wants to access a massive new market? This panel will highlight the work of companies that are making going to the gym as exciting as a trip to the World of Warcraft. Learn about new products, services, and communities dedicated to making fitness more fun. There are hundreds of apps and tools for gamers to use and hundreds of billions of dollars in opportunity for developers, this panel will help you learn more about both.

Panelists include: Joseph Flaherty [Sr. Manager, Strategic Marketing, AgaMatrix], Matt Boch [Lead Design/Director, Dance Central, Harmonix], Michael Sheeley [COO/Founder, RunKeeper], Nina Walia [Experience Producer, Nike Fuel Band, Nike], Alex Gourley [CEO/Founder, Bit Gym]

The Harmonix Podcast - LIVE! Arachnid Theatre Sunday 11:30am - 12:30pm

The Good Time Charlies at Harmonix have been producing a regular podcast for years now, bringing you the latest in Rock Band and Dance Central news, mixed with a healthy dose of irreverent banter. For the first time ever, we're bringing you the Harmonix Podcast LIVE at PAX East! That's right, now you can see all the stupid hand motions Eric Pope (Harmonix Community Manager) makes when describing things! You'll also be able to feel like you're part of the show, sharing knowing glances with John Drake (Director of Brand Management) when Aaron Trites (HMXHenry, Manager of Community Development) talks about pogs and MAS*H. We'll be bringing special guests and maybe even SOME SECRETS?

Panelists include: Eric Pope [Community Manager, Harmonix], Aaron Trites [Manager of Community Development, Harmonix], John Drake [Director of Communications and Brand Management, Harmonix], Annette Gonzalez [Community Manager, Harmonix], Nick Chester [Publicist, Harmonix]

For info on non-Harmonix PAX East panels, check out the full schedule at

PAX East Harmonix Booth

Harmonix will be in adjoining booths featuring Rock Band and Dance Central in #636 & #642. Stop by if you're at PAX, or stay tuned for stories and videos from the show.