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Indulge in Rock Band Rivals Season 19

Hey friends,

The weather is getting chillier with the holidays fast approaching, so let’s see this year in Rivals out in an exciting way.

Rock Band Rivals is entering Season 19 next week – October 29th – after only a 1-week break. We didn’t want to stay away for too long. Looking back on it, 2020 has been a long and tumultuous year for most, if not all of us. We’ve had to learn to be kinder to ourselves, allow ourselves simple pleasures to get by, and stay in contact in new ways while strengthening bonds like never before. All of this heavy stuff is to say, we think everyone deserves a treat. For each week of Season 19, we’re indulging in a different flavor of music – and ice cream.

Ice cream trucks may have made their last rounds of the season, but our flavorful challenges are sticking around.

We wanted to offer the gift of DLC for everyone’s (or, at least most of everyone’s) particular tastes in Season 19 to leave Rivals players with something to smile about at the end of this year. Week 1 of “Churn & Burn” falls eerily within the spookiest holiday of them all – Halloween! Stay safe and distanced from the ghosts and ghouls, turn down the lights, put on your costume just for fun and crack open a pint of rich, creamy, Brownie BAT-ter to play this upcoming spooky, heavy, rockin’ challenge. But don’t blow out your vocal cords so soon, and if you do, you might need to soothe them with the following week’s fantastic flavor.

This season’s rewards feature these vibrant, fun t-shirts. Hot dogs, astronaut wolves, pugs, pizza, sea creatures, and an eagle fighting with a terrifying cephalopod? I want some of these in my IRL wardrobe.

We’re not getting too ahead of ourselves here, but we do want to mention that we’re trying something new and different with Season 20. Do you have a set of rewards in mind that you wish you could get another crack at? Do you wish you could receive the whole set of rewards you may have missed out on – from Season 0 up until now? Well, here’s your chance.

In Season 20, we’re looking to give you that redemption. We have a survey for you to fill out, tell us which rewards you’re missing the most, what season themes you loved the most, and which challenges were your favorite over the 4 – going on 5 (another 5th birthday?!?), years of Rivals. Season 20 will be planned with your thoughts in mind, and we want to hear them. Click here to fill out the survey. We’re going to have some incredible new rewards for you in 2021, but this will be your chance to turn back time for a bit.

For now - treat yo’ self, grab as many scoops and toppings as you can handle and hang onto this sugar rush with us. Enjoy Season 19.

Sugar, spice, and everything Bloodstone,

Katey & The Rock Band Team