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Introducing DropMix Mania

Voting for the Finals is now open! Check out the bracket below, and get your votes in here: Updates from last week's round of matches are at the bottom of this post.

You’ve witnessed Danny Margolis’ rise to the top with his spinner magic, and even Sean Halloran cause a change in deck construction rules with several copies of Embrace Chaos. Now, witness the top DropMix players at Harmonix compete for the ability to crown themselves as the DropMix Champion.

Welcome to DropMix Mania.

Throughout the month of March and into early April, 16 players will be competing in a high stakes, single elimination DropMix tournament. Each week, several will walk away empty handed while others climb to the top for fame, glory, and the right to call themselves the DropMix Mania Champion.

Where You Can Watch

We’ll be streaming all the action on Twitch and Facebook Live every Thursday at 5PM Eastern throughout the month of March. The finals of DropMix Mania are currently scheduled to be streamed at 4PM Eastern on April 4th. This week we'll be streaming the Finals! Tune in to catch all the action at the links below:


Facebook Live:


Don’t worry if you miss a match, they’ll be available for you to watch later, and we’ll be keeping this page up to date with updates as each match happens.

You Can Participate With the DropMix Mania Giveaway!

The DropMix Mania action doesn’t end on air. Every week, you’ll be able to put in your picks for who you think will win the matches being played that week. Enter your submissions before each week’s stream and you’ll be awarded points for every correct pick.

Each person with the most points at the end of DropMix Mania is eligible to win the Grand Prize! There is one Grand Prize consisting of a signed DropMix starter pack, a pack of DropMix promotional cards and a UE Megaboom speaker. Additionally, everyone who participates will be entered to win one of 10 DropMix promotional card packs in a random draw.

Every Monday, we’ll share the link to submit your picks below. Be sure to use the same email address when submitting your form to keep your points tied together.

Submit your picks for the finals here:

Official rules and information can be found here:

Check out the bracket for DropMix Mania below. We’ll be updating this after each game takes place, so check back often!

enter image description here

DropMix Mania Updates

First Week, Round 1

Week one of the first round is behind us. Watch the archive in its entirety here on YouTube or Twitch. Here's the results:

Match 1 Winner: Ryan McSweeney

Match 2 Winner: Kevin Lockard

Match 3 Winner: Sean Halloran

Match 4 Winner: Rick Cody

First Week, Round 2

We're onto the Quarter Finals this week! Check out the results from last week here:

Match 1 Winner: Tom Bartlett

Match 2 Winner: Ben Radlinski

Match 3 Winner: Robbie Russell

Match 4 Winner: Matt Ivester

Quarter Finals

Last week we narrowed the bracket even more and now have our semi-finals matches decided! See below for the results:

Match 1 Winner: Tom Bartlett

Match 2 Winner: Robbie Russell

Match 3 Winner: Kevin Lockard

Match 4 Winner: Rick Cody


We had an exciting week with the semi-finals of DropMix Mania. See the results below:

Match 1 Winner: Tom Bartlett

Match 2 Winner: Rick Cody

See You Thursday!

The first matches kick off this Thursday, March 8th. We look forward to you tuning in and witnessing DropMix history unfold.

To stay in the loop with DropMix Mania, be sure to follow DropMix on Twitter and Facebook, and keep checking back to this blog post.