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Introducing Rivals Season 25: Totally Real Game Soundtracks

Welcome to Season 25

It’s a new year and a new Rock Band Rivals season theme.  Season 25 will bring intrigue, drama and a fun take on the classic videogame soundtrack.  So, powerup, buckle in, and read on for the details.

Before we dig in, we wanted to shout out a quick “thanks” to all the crews who participated in Season 24 – and laud all the crews that made it to Bloodstone, especially those first timers.  Season 24 was a neat one for us as it allowed us to have some fun with the season themes in a way that poked back at the community.  I particularly found the “Not Band” theme to be sooooo clever! 

Totally Real Game Soundtracks
The soundtrack of a game is critically important – heightening emotional dynamics and creating the super memorable moments in your favorite games.  In Season 25, each weekly challenge will provide the soundtrack to an imaginary game – we invite you to take this journey with us.  As a reward, we’ve got a super sweet set of guitars that correspond to the full body outfit from the last 3 seasons.

Community picked spotlights

One other unique aspect of Season 25 is that we’re giving you the opportunity to pick your favorite Spotlight tracks to play each challenge. Each Tuesday, we’ll announce the week’s theme in the blog, and you can comment on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Discord with your picks for what songs from the RB4 soundtrack or Rock Band DLC catalog should be that challenge’s Spotlight tracks. We’ll pick from your suggestions for the Spotlight tracks and add the rest to the setlist for that week.  We want to let you in on the fun!

We’re super excited to share our first soundtrack theme tomorrow and look forward to all your amazing picks!

Happy New Year!

- The Rock Band Team