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I've Got Rock Band Under My Skin: A Fan Story

JPD is a fan from the Rock Band Forums with an awesome RB tattoo! He shared his RB story with us. Check it out!

October 29th 2010: I find myself at Loco Tattoos on Ottawa St N in Hamilton, Ontario branding these iconic 4 instruments on my forearm. Why? Because of a passion for the fun times and music Rock Band had brought to me since the release of the first one. That day also consisted of picking up a copy of Rock Band 3 and breaking that puppy in overnight.

Over the years and incarnations of Rock Band (Rock Band 1, 2, 3, LEGO Rock Band, The Beatles: Rock Band, AC/DC LIVE Rock Band Track Pack, Green Day: Rock Band...I think that's it?) I have amassed a library of about 750+ songs and peripherals out the wazoo. There was something special I felt when I played the game for the first time with three of my friends - it was something I hadn't felt before when playing games with them and to this day I still get that feeling even if I'm playing alone. There wasn't a single winner - yes we compared scores and I'd brag nonstop but it was all for the greater good of the band (Johnny Awesome and some Blokes). It was a sense of being in a real band with a real audience and it captivated us for hours on end. So I think it almost goes without saying that a few drinks were often had which would persuade players (other than myself) to sing and belt out their favorites like I always did, even without the liquid courage.

To sum it up it really means good times, it was always funny when we'd all get together, enjoy some adult beverages, and play Rock Band until 3am. No matter who played, we were best friends at that time, even if we had just met. There's something inside that game that brought everyone together for the greater good: 5 stars!