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July Crew Throwdown

Each month we’ll host a Crew Throwdown on Facebook where YOU get to vote for which crew you want to see highlighted next!

This month we asked you to vote on Facebook between two beloved crews: D-Coy Crew and DCI. After a week of careful vote counting, the winner of the July Crew Throwdown is none other than . . .


Let’s take a look at what D-Coy crew has been up to over the course of Dance Central.

Dance Central

In the early days of Dance Central, before D-Coy crew had united, Dare and MacCoy kept it real as two of the more unique members of the Dance Central cast.

With her quirky fashion sense, spunky accent, and shocking pink hair, Dare’s embodiment of care-free fashion and sweet dance moves made her an instant favorite among cos-players that we’ve seen. Her ridiculously long arm-warmers no doubt inspired Mo with his own swinging hoodie in the later games. Really her most impressive feat though is dancing with rain boots on her feet (ha! See what we did there?). If you’ve ever danced in galoshes, you’re no doubt well aware that they are clunky to move in and make your feet a hot, sweaty mess. But Dare can’t be stopped!

MacCoy meanwhile was representing with a classy blend of old school B-boy, tech nerd, and former Soviet. His voicemail reveals he lives with his Grandma, which is pretty adorable. MacCoy was the default character on some of the most fun, most beloved routines of the first Dance Central, including “Don’t Sweat the Technique” and “Jungle Boogie.”

Dance Central 2

Dare and MacCoy did not make an appearance during Dance Central 2, and boy did you fans let us know about it! The duo may not have been dancing their way to the top in Dance Central, but a special fan-interactive initiative we ran through the website later revealed that Dare and MacCoy had been anything but idle. While you were busy earning the respect of Dance Crews throughout the game, D-Coy crew were one step ahead of us all, already out on missions for DCI!

If you were active in the Dance Central community leading up to the launch of Dance Central 3, this might look familiar!

With the community’s help, we were able to spread the word about the missing D-Coy crew, uncover redacted documents they’d sent to DCI after being captured spying at Tan Manor, and eventually even uncover Oblio’s journal. If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to make your very own DCI badge, too! Right-click + Save As the image below, then either print it out at home or add your picture digitally to show you're part of DCI.

Dance Central 3

Thanks to being held captive at Tan Manor, D-Coy crew is mostly out of the action in Dance Central 3 as well. The good news is that (spoiler alert), you do get to dance with them, and we don’t even make you dance that long to get them. D-Coy crew is unlocked be at Level 10, so if you aren’t quite there yet, keep accumulating those stars! Keep dancing and you can also unlock Dare and MacCoy’s “Under Control” Outfits, around Levels 32 and 33.

You can also earn the Achievement for playing “In Da Club” with a character on their birthdays with Dare and MacCoy. We always announce character birthdays on Twitter and Facebook, but if you want to keep track yourself, Dare’s birthday was back on February 28th, and MacCoy’s birthday is coming up on August 24th! You also earn a bonus star for playing with a character on their birthdays.

Swag Check

D-Coy’s pixelated crew are among the cutest of them all, and so we’re thrilled to have those little pixel characters working double-time this month! We’ve got a new iPhone case for you D-Coy fans, and we’ve also got our very first Dance Central mug, with D-Coy crew on one side and the logo on the other! Get ready to sip your tea or coffee in style.

Shop now by visiting the store below. Also, keep an eye on @Dance_Central on Twitter because we’ll announce sales and free shipping offers on there from time to time!

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D-Coy Crew Playlist Challenge

Since Dare and MacCoy aren’t a primary crew in the second and third games, the D-Coy Crew Playlist challenge is short and sweet. Instead of picking and choosing, this time make a playlist with all of their songs and practice until you’re perfect. Bonus points if you wear too-long arm warmers or rad goggles!

  • "Break Your Heart" -Taio Cruz (DLC)

  • "Brick House" -The Commodores (DC)

  • "C'Mon N' Ride it (The Train)" -Quad City DJs (DC)

  • "D.A.N.C.E." -Justice (DLC)

  • "Days Go By" -Dirty Vegas (DC)

  • "Don’t Sweat the Technique" -Eric B. & Rakim (DC)

  • "Galang" -M.I.A. (DC)

  • "Get Up" -James Brown (DLC)

  • "I Got You Dancing" -Lady Sovereign (DLC)

  • "Informer" -Snow (DLC)

  • "Jungle Boogie" -Kool & the Gang (DC)

  • "Just Dance" -Lady Gaga ft. Colby O'Donis (DC)

  • "Le Freak" -Chic (DLC)

  • "Pump Up The Jam" -Technotronic (DC)

  • "Whoomp! (There It Is)" -Tag Team (DLC)

  • "Word Up" -Cameo (DLC)

That’s all for this month! Make sure to keep an eye on the Dance Central Facebook for the next Crew Throwdown!