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June Crew Throwdown

Each month we’ll host a Crew Throwdown on Facebook where YOU get to vote for which crew you want to see highlighted next!

After the last couple of Crew Throwdowns, we heard from many of you that Flash4wrd and Hi-Def both deserved another chance. The fans just hadn’t had time to rally, you said. So we brought both crews back for another shot at victory and this month, the winner is . . .



Back in the early Dance Central days, Mo was a lone wolf representing some pretty cool fashion styles and, alongside MacCoy, bringing the funk and hiphop. Anyone who’s ever cosplayed as Mo could tell you, dancing with a hoodie or hat covering large portions of your face can make it pretty tricky to see the moves –the ultimate no-flashcard mode, perhaps? Mo’s alternate outfit, complete with super-skinny jeans and some rocking multi-color high-tops, includes a red cassette tape chain.

We actually made necklaces like that for our PAX Prime party in 2012. Turns out, metal faux-cassette tapes are really heavy and probably not so great to wear while dancing at the risk of knocking out a tooth! Mo’s dazzling grin appears undamaged, so let’s just assume Mo’s cassette tape is the real deal.

We also did a really awesome Dance Central Sketchbook series back in the day. The one featuring Mo (and Emilia) is chock-full of some really awesome behind-the-scenes sketches and modeling. Check it out!


In Dance Central 2, Mo was joined by dance prodigy Glitch! Glitch’s high energy, crazy cool B-boy moves, and adorable quips added a jolt of energy to the crew next to the smooth, laid-back personality of Mo. Mo's noteworthy accessory this time around is a zip up hoodie that's only on his head. Go ahead, wear a sweatshirt like this while you dance. Pretty tricky!

Both dudes manage to mix casual and classy street styles, though Glitch brings some pretty sweet high-tech gadgets to the table, too. He also takes completely different fashion risks than Mo, fashion risks (such as a maroon tracksuit with yellow sneakers?) not many would dare attempt, and yet if the outpouring of love we hear for Glitch is any indication, he manages to pull off flawlessly. In case you haven’t notice, he also totally matches his hair to his outfits, which is some serious style dedication. Is it possible Glitch is one of the most style savvy characters in the world of Dance Central?

Mo and Glitch spend their time dancing in the subways of Dance Central, splitting their time between a subway car with a conveniently marked out dance floor and a beautifully lit platform. The spaceship feel of the subway car and the immaculately shined floors of the platform make it feel like Hi-Def is one step ahead of us . . .


. . . Except for that time they went two decades behind us and found themselves kickin’ it old school in the ‘80s. At the corner of Toprock Ave and Central Alley, Mo and Glitch work it out on an unfolded cardboard box, trusty Boomy nearby. It doesn’t really get cooler than actually detouring traffic to get your groove on across an entire lane, especially when there’s an alley right there that probably wouldn’t cause nearly as much a traffic snarl. As for the graffiti . . . we’ll just assume a faithful Hi-Def fan did the tagging.

You may find yourself wondering “but wouldn’t it be really, really hot dancing in the jacket and hat Mo is wearing?” The answer is “most definitely yes.” But Mo has never let wardrobe challenges stop him before! Glitch toned down the colors for once, but still manages to keep it fly from his grey hair streak down to the toes of his high-tops.

Which brings us to the culmination of all fashion for Glitch and Mo: their DCI outfits. These outfits have it all. Mo’s brought back the striped hoodie, the shiny pants, the super cool sneakers, but dresses it up with a purple tie and silver tie pin. Glitch is sporting a half-untucked striped button-up, a bow tie, one exposed argyle sock, loose suspenders, purple hair, and did we mention the bow-tie? Plus, of course, his typical Glitch gadgets.


Let’s face it, the test pattern is pretty iconic for Hi-Def, but can also be pretty tricky to pull off in your everyday life. We’ve designed a crew shirt that lets you show off your Hi-Def pride in a more subtle way. You can also now grab your Hi-Def iPhone case. AND, if that’s not enough, we’ve also put up two limited-time Dance Central Fitness Items!

Shop now by visiting the store below. Also, keep an eye on @Dance_Central on Twitter because we’ll announce sales and free shipping offers on there from time to time!

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Glitch and Mo have some of the raddest moves in the entire franchise. If their B-boy, hip hop, and locking routines don’t leave you feeling uber cool, you just need to play again to remind yourself how cool you look. Below is a list of the songs which default to Hi-Def crew or Mo. Make a playlist of 10-12 of your favorites and get those popping moves on lock. If you really want a challenge, keep updating the playlist every time you Gold Star a song until you’ve mastered them all!

  • "(When You Gonna) Give It Up To Me" -Sean Paul ft. Keyshia Cole (DC3)

  • "Around The World" -Daft Punk (DC3)

  • "Because Of You" -Ne-Yo (DLC)

  • "Beware of the Boys (Mundian to Bach Ke) -Panjabi MC (DC3)

  • "Bust A Move" -Young MC (DC1)

  • "Closer" -Ne-Yo (DLC)

  • "Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)" -Soulja Boy Tell 'Em (DC1)

  • "Da Butt" -E.U. (DC3)

  • "Electric Boogie" -Marcia Griffiths (DC3)

  • "Forget You" -Cee Lo Green (DLC)

  • "Hot In Herre" -Nelly (DLC)

  • "I Wish for You" -EXILE (DC2)

  • "International Love" -Pitbull ft. Chris Brown (DLC)

  • "Let The Music Play" -Shannon (DC3)

  • "Lights" -Ellie Goulding (DLC)

  • "Mai Ai Hee (Dragostea Din Tei)" -O-Zone (DC2)

  • "Never Say Never" -Justin Bieber ft. Jaden Smith (DLC)

  • "O.P.P." -Naughty by Nature (DLC)

  • "Planet Rock" -Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force (DLC)

  • "Poker Face" -Lady Gaga (DC1)

  • "Run (I'm A Natural Disaster)" -Gnarls Barkley (DC2)

  • "Scenario" -A Tribe Called Quest (DLC)

  • "Sexy Chick" -David Guetta ft. Akin (DC2)

  • "Somebody to Love" -Justin Bieber (DC2)

  • "Sorry for Party Rocking" -LMFAO (DLC)

  • "Supersonic" -J.J. Fad (DC3)

  • "Teach Me How to Jerk" -Audio Push (DC1)

  • "Technologic" -Daft Punk (DC2)

  • "The Way I Are" -Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson and D.O.E.C30 (DLC)

  • "This Is How We Do It" -Montell Jorden (DC2)

  • "We No Speak Americano" -Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP (DLC)

  • "Wild Ones" -Flo Rida ft. Sia (DC3)

  • "Yeah!" -Usher ft. Lil' John & Ludacris (DC2)

  • "You Got It (The Right Stuff)" -New Kids on the Block (DC3)

  • "You're A Jerk" -New Boyz (DC2)

That’s all for this month! Make sure to keep an eye on the Dance Central Facebook next month for the next Crew Throwdown!